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  1. Thanks, that's pretty helpful! If possible, could you share your insight into the research environment at NU and NYU?
  2. Thanks for your input! I precisely applied to these programs because of my interest in the research being done by particular faculty members. My dilemma stems more from a logistics perspective, would it be better to go to BU or NU because they have established PhD Clinical Psychology programs as compared to NYU which does not? Or how much are the academic benefits of living in boston and how instrumental would they be? And if anyone has any experiences with one year masters, I would be interested in knowing how much do they contribute to your CV. From where I stand it seems if I go for 1 year masters, I would be essential aiming for 2020 PhD intake, in that case I would be starting both, university and PhD application at the same time.
  3. Hi, I have been trying to decide which masters program to go for - NYU, Northwestern or Boston University. I want to do PhD Clinical Psychology post-masters so Northwestern seemed like the better option. However, I am still waiting to hear back from them even about the interview and I need to give NYU soon if I am accepting or rejecting the offer. Boston University seems advantageous because of its location, and the presence of an established PhD Clinical Psychology program, as compared to NYU. On the flip side, it is only year degree, making me worry if its enough time to actually learn and better my profile for PhD applications. I am particularly concerned about this decision as I am changing fields, from neuroscience to clinical psychology, and my performance at this level would probably have the highest impact on my future applications. Thank you for taking the time to help me out!
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