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  1. I finally accepted the offer. I will see you folks when the semester begins. Looking forward to meet all of you.
  2. Depending on your current work situation. If you're already working in an organization and your current role gives you opportunity to integrate your learning with your current practice, then you'll be able to learn and work at the same time. Also, you'll have job stability. Unlike the regular stream after practicum, it'll be extra pressure to look for a permanent job. Are you in clinical side or IT?
  3. They only offer me the executive. I prefer the regular stream because it's shorter compare to executive and the regular is mostly in class. I'm trying to see the benefits of taking the emhi vs the regular. I'll have to ask around. I wonder if I can request to switch to regular stream. If not, then most likely I will be accepting this one. Let me know if you choose to accept it. So, we can connect.
  4. hey jeds i got the offer for EMHI too!!! around the same time did you apply for both
  5. Did you email Zoe to inquire if you're on the wait list? Mine application still says under review as well.
  6. hi i applied to both regular and executive. Did you apply to both as well?
  7. congrats iakuasa! do you have any clinical experience or tech experience? what is your educational background? i just want to get a sense ehat kind of applicants are getting offered. 😊
  8. That's great . what is your educational background? Do you have any clinical background?
  9. Yes. I guess until it says under review.. there's still hope.
  10. Hi Guys, I just found this forum today. I got an interview in late feb and I'm still waiting for the UofT's response.. From what I read here, some people already got accepted. I'm getting more anxious and sad that it is now April 1st and still no response from the school. Anyone else in the same boat as me?
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