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  1. Congrats Nabsterz78! Can you share a bit about what you wrote about in the personal statement?
  2. I really hope so! I got feedback on my application after being waitlisted the first time, and I thought I had a good chance after that...so I'm really curious what it takes to get in. Anyone who received an offer, please let us know your background so we know what they're looking for!
  3. I appreciate your positivity, alysha! I don't know if the waitlist will ever move, you know? This program is the only one of its kind in Canada (for non BSW applicants, online) so folks must be applying for a reason. I recently moved into a managerial position at work. I wonder if I need to sit tight in this role for at least a year and then try applying again. 😪
  4. Me too...this is my second time being waitlisted. I'm feeling pretty discouraged this morning...
  5. Thanks for being so on it and sharing your findings with the rest of us! I've been anxious every morning right before I check my email =| fingers crossed it comes sooner rather than later. Good luck everyone!
  6. Thanks so much for posting this! My heart is racing just reading that decisions will come out possibly next week! Fingers crossed for everyone.
  7. The agony is real. I check my email with hope every morning but still nothing yet...
  8. Sure! I have a 3.7 GPA, and volunteered in several women's support groups for a few months each. I also worked at a women's centre for a little over a year until funding ran out, and have since stayed on the board. I was also on the board of a women's health centre for two years. I volunteered as a tutor in a program that supports youth in a low-income community, and that program was expanding every year, so after a year or so of volunteering, I got a job with them as a case manager. Had that job since and it's been almost 4 years.
  9. Ahhh...finally found another person in the same boat as me! I'm looking to hear if anyone has heard of the wait list moving as well! I really wish I at least could know where I'm standing on the wait list, that way I can either keep hoping or just start an application for the next round...
  10. I got an offer to be placed on the waitlist and accepted. Anyone else hear from Laurier regular part time online program?
  11. Just accepted a waitlist position at Laurier regular track online. Anyone else hear from them? And anyone know the chances of getting off the waitlist?
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