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  1. wow! 🍻Thanks and wish us both good luck 😂 (a short explanation about why I said it's unknown: Chinese Academy of Sciences started to recruit undergraduate students (from Univ of CAS) since 2014, so it's quite new for everyone, and even most Chinese still think they only have graduate students ┑( ̄Д  ̄)┍)
  2. Undergrad Institution: top 5 university in China (but it may equals to “an unknown university”for any committee Major: Biological Science Overall GPA: 3.72/4.00 Type of Student: International,female GRE Scores: yeah I know my V and W are really low Q: 168 V: 152 W: 3.5 TOEFL Total: 104 Research Experience: in 3 different institutes of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) 1 year (an innovative project)about paleontology 1 semester project on Arabidopsis thaliana genotype identification and map-based cloning More than 1 year in a population genetics lab,now working on my thesis about EBV evolution No publication😫 Awards/Honors/Recognitions: University third prize scholarship Special Bonus Points: Strong recommendations from 3 PI (2 I’ve worked with,1 academic advisor)(although I heard they don’t even take a look at Chinese recommenders’letters now) Connection with an assistant professor in UPenn (email & Skype) Any Other Info That Shows Up On Your App and Might Matter: Half year exchange in University of Bristol Deputy head of university press corps Applying to Where: Stanford biology Princeton EEB Rockefeller UPenn biology UC Davis Animal Behavior Vanderbilt UIUC UMN twin city EEB IU Bloomington EEB UMD College Park EEB SUNY Stony Brook ——- Really want to join the AP‘s lab (focus on neuro & evolution)in UPenn,but since the Bio PhD program requires rotation,I don’t think the connection could help much... besides I am sure she has several other applicants in her pool and I am definitely not her top choice : )
  3. 🙋applying to bio phd (low GRE Verbal + no publication + middle GPA ranking, but it's always good to have a try)
  4. Also confused about this (applied to bio grad in the end😂). Which one did you apply to? I remember there's a faculty list on the website of Department of Biology(who are not in department of biology but in the Bio program) and you can choose any of them in your rotation.
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