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  1. This year is somewhat slower than before due to the large size of the applicants pool. Even most of the programs have sent out all the invites, a few programs are still reviewing the application.
  2. If you live overseas (except Canada maybe?) , it’s not likely to get a on-campus visit after the Skype interviews because most of the programs will have the “open-house” soon. Even I did see a few programs offered international trip for the candidates but those invitations should be sent very early, like in Dec.
  3. The reply from the professor seems to be a very standard and general one, it indeed does not guarantee anything especially he was not on the committee. I would see it as a POSITIVE response if it’s about potential projects or researches under their future grants.
  4. liamhohoho

    Interview advice

    For the program in my current school. (2017) 25 students got the interview, 18 offers were made, 15 students accepted the offer.
  5. As an international student, I totally understand your feelings right now. This year is different as many programs waived the GRE so it may take longer than usual. If you have OPT for your currently pursuing degree, applying an RA job in a school you really want to go is a good choice. I know some people did so and in the next year they got interviews and offers. Anyway, wait patiently and also get yourself prepared for the job market. Wish you the best luck!
  6. Interview invitation from UC Davis Integrative Genetics and Genomics (IGG) program today via Email.
  7. Is the ddl of the Integrative pathobiology program at UC Davis Jan 15th? Thanks
  8. I am currently in a graduate program and have got involved in the recruitment process. Just needed to move to another city so I applied again. During this application season, almost every program who waived the GRE received a lot more applications than before. I have heard some biomedical sciences programs had unusually large (like double in size) and strong applicant pool this year. Congrats to the ones who already got interview invitations! To those who still not heard from the programs, don’t be too panic. A good amount of programs are sending the invitation in early January. In addition, some very competitive applicants will definitely get offers from multiple but they can only choose one. After March, there could be chance for the students who are waitlisted. Once you get the offer you want the best, decline the others, the programs and other applicants will definitely appreciate it.
  9. I saw someone has heard from UC Davis Neuroscience program. Just wondering if they sent the email one by one or sent to the whole groups of applicants? Thank you.
  10. Hi, I was wondering if you heard from UC Davis neuroscience program? Thank you. The same. I am an International student form China
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