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  1. I'm holding onto the fact that SIPA early decision came in the late evening, even though that has nothing to do with HKS regular decision 😂
  2. My friend forwarded me something that NYU will be offering remote courses for the fall semester for those who cannot relocate in time to start classes, but they are still offering in-person classes as of now.
  3. I don't have any changes... this is AWFUL 😭
  4. Thanks so much for this! It's pretty nerve-wracking to be picking a school right now not knowing where things might be in the fall
  5. I'm sorry to go off topic in these tense times, but... has anyone heard anything about schools not reopening for in-person classes in the fall? I know that most are doing remote learning through the end of the spring semester, but someone told me that NYU was doing online classes only for next semester (fall 2020) as well, but I can't find it ANYWHERE. I can't imagine why schools would feel the need to do that... Help???
  6. I'm in New York under self quarantine because of so many COVID cases in my neighborhood... I cannot think of a worse time to be quarantined with nothing to do 😅
  7. Thanks! I e-mailed them to follow up, got scholarships to 2 other DC programs and I'm hoping to leverage that... This feels like senior year of high school all over again!
  8. Do you know if this is for merit or need-based financial aid?
  9. I'm in!! Congrats to everyone! Some tough decisions up ahead 😅
  10. It seems like the SAIS DC decisions haven't been updated in the portal but I'm not positive. Mine isn't there yet.
  11. Congratulations!! Is this for SAIS DC or Europe?
  12. I LOVE that you got home too drunk to read the email and immediately thought "I need to update the grad forum" 😂
  13. Not yet. I think they let everyone know when they have reviewed the January applications as well, since they are considering the people who applied early action as well as those who applied by the financial aid/scholarship deadline. Probably mid-March when general decisions come out.
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