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  1. To the people who posted on the results page that they got accepted into Marquette's clinical program, congratulations! If you wouldn't mind, could yall share who your POI's are? Thanks!
  2. I am also curious if any one has heard anything from DePaul. I applied for the community psyc program as well
  3. If anyone is waiting to here back from University of Texas Rio Grande Valley's Clinical Psyc program, this is an email I just received: "Thanks for checking in. The official letter for invites will be sent out tomorrow." Best of luck all!
  4. School: University of Nebraska, Lincoln Type: PhD (Clinical) Date of invite: 1/7/2020 Type of invite: Email from PI Interview date(s): NA - Skype Interview, still figuring out a date that works for everyone. The email I received stated that I am receiving a Skype interview due to the competitiveness of the program, but that they still with to consider me as a candidate. Does this put me at a disadvantage? Any advice? My PI is AA, is anyone else interviewing in person or through Skype for AA as well?
  5. School: Marquette University Type: Clinical Psychology PhD Date of invite: 12/19/19 Type of Invite: Emailed by administrator and then by PI. Interview date(s): 1/31, 02/03, or 02/07 Message for PI!
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