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  1. Same! The interview is at the same time as Harvard BIG so I'll have to go with Skype anyways.
  2. Given how long it's been since Penn GCB came out and that the Harvard BIG interview is in about 3 weeks, I think it's probably too late to hear from either of them, sorry.
  3. I got that email shortly after my application was completed and my last rec was submitted. According to the FAQ on the Genome Sciences website: "We should have an answer for you by mid-January, if not sooner. Finalists for admission will be invited to visit the department in February." Basically, they will let you know if you got an interview before mid January, but likely much sooner. So far I don't think anyone has heard from them so there's no cause for concern.
  4. I wouldn't take this to mean that they've sent out all of their invites, but I got an invite the other day for GCB.
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