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  1. I think it's totally fine to ask for feedback. I emailed one of my interviewers last year after being rejected after interview and received a really informative response. He seemed genuinely happy to help, and it made the most of an otherwise shitty situation (personal growth, and all that). Like others here have said, emphasize that your goal is to make your application stronger for next cycle - don't just dwell on the fact that you didn't get in.
  2. Sorry if this is a dumb question, but have you tried reaching out to PIs directly and inquiring about openings? That's how I landed my current post-bacc research position. I think that sometimes those jobs are posted as a formality after the PI has already found someone to fill the position, so you might not have the best luck if you're only looking on job boards.
  3. Last year I applied to 9 schools, got rejected from 8 (one post-interview) and waitlisted at what I thought was my safety. It sucks. I doubt there is really anything anyone can tell you that will make it suck less. But I'd be willing to bet money that you are "good enough". The fact that you took the time to apply in the first place, and convinced 2 or 3 academics to write you a recommendation implies that you are. The whole process is just kind of random. If this is really what you want to do, please apply again! Btw, after sulking for a month or so I got my shit together and started loo
  4. Come up with some good questions before your interviews and write them down somewhere. Then if you do happen to freeze up at least you have something to refer back to. I find that just having that safety net makes me feel a lot less nervous going in, and then I usually don't even need to rely on my notes. I'm interested in bioinformatics/comp bio too btw. This is actually my second application cycle - when I applied last year, I had zero relevant research experience (all of my undergrad research was wet lab stuff). Your interviewers aren't going to expect you to be super knowledgeable ab
  5. I also currently work at UT and applied to CMB! My PI is in another department so he doesn't know anything lol. I applied to a few other programs but CMB is probably my top choice; fingers crossed we hear back soon!
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