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  1. Does anyone know how long it usually takes to hear an acceptance/rejection decision after the in-person interview? Does it usually occur over the phone or email? Sitting on pins and needles here! Thanks!
  2. Does anyone have any cases where they had multiple interviews during an application round, but didn't get accepted to any of them? I've got three interviews so far, but I'm really nervous I won't be accepted to any of them and will have to try again next year (not that that's the worst thing, but still nervous). Any help? Anything you would have done differently? Thanks so much! Feel free to PM me if you don't feel comfortable posting publicly.
  3. Would love to know as well please! Please PM me! Thanks and congrats!
  4. I just spoke with Graduate Admissions at Nova Southeastern, who said that invites would likely go out in the next week or so. Best of luck!
  5. University of Minnesota poster, could you please PM me your POI? Congrats on the interview!
  6. University of Minnesota poster, could you please PM me your POI? Congrats on the interview!
  7. To the University of Minnesota rejection posters on the results page — Was that for clinical? Did you have a phone interview and then receive a rejection, or no interviews at all prior to the rejection? Thanks and sorry!
  8. Has anyone heard from University of Wisconsin, Madison? Please please PM me.
  9. What school are you at? Do you remember the exact date you started in the second to last week of August?
  10. Does anyone have any idea what date (or around when) in the Fall these programs begin? Do the programs start before the first day of classes? For example, Wisconsin's first day of classes is September 2, but would grad students in clinical psych need to report before then? Thanks!
  11. Has anyone received an invite for an on campus visit to Minnesota yet? I had a phone interview last week but haven't heard anything yet about coming to campus. Thanks! You can PM me too.
  12. Does anyone know if all Georgia State clinical emails and calls have gone out? Thanks and congrats to all!
  13. Does anyone know the dates of UWisconsin at Madison interviews?
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