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  1. I'm waiting to hear back too! Based on what people have reported on this site over the past few years, it looks like they don't make all decisions at once and they could reach out any time between the interview and slightly after April 1 (though most responses seem to come mid-March). If someone knows more and wants to correct/add anything please do!
  2. Looks like Rutgers (PsyD) sent out interview invites to a bunch of people today - does anyone know if this was a single mass email or if they'll be sending out invites throughout the day?
  3. School: PGSP-Stanford PsyD Consortium Type: Big large degree yes Date of invite: 1/18 Type of invite: "Personalized" (non-mass) email Interview date(s): 1/27, 1/31, or 2/7
  4. They're talking about the PhD program. I personally haven't seen anyone reporting an interview invite for their PsyD program. Last year I didn't get their interview invitation til the end of January, so I wouldn't worry at all yet!
  5. School: University of Denver Type: PsyD Date of invite: 1/16/2020 Type of invite: Email from Director of Admissions Interview dates(s): Friday, February 21st, Saturday, February 22nd, Friday, February 28th, or Saturday, February 29th
  6. I saw that U of Denver sent out some PsyD rejections yesterday and the day before. If I didn't get one yet, does that mean anything? Or do they send out rejections in small batches or something? Thanks in advance!
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