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  1. I interviewed January 27th and just heard back with an acceptance 2 days ago! I liked interviewing there but it is not really possible for me to afford to pay for school in addition to pay for the cost of living in Palo Alto so I will be rejecting their offer, but it is a great school. I hope you hear back with good news!
  2. Eastern Michigan University Clinical Psychology, PhD Fall 2020 Reach out if you will be there or at the other amazing institutions in/near Ann Arbor!
  3. I am back with another question and could use some advice. When I interviewed at EMU, it truly felt 'right.' Now that I am also waitlisted at Drexel, I am trying to decide whether there is a decision to make if I get off the waitlist or if I should just choose EMU. I have considered all of the factors you have all listed. Everything, for me, falls in favor of EMU with the exception of prestige and externships. Drexel is ranked higher and is more selective of students and much tougher to get in and has a better rep in that regards. Also the location so close to CHOPP and Dupont is a h
  4. ugh I know that feeling. After my first time round, my position wanted me to stay but once I was applying and thinking I may be getting in to school, staying at my previous position seemed like becoming stuck and almost moving backwards. My next position has had a lot of ups (conferences, papers, working closer my population of interest) but also has had a lot of downs. One of the biggest things is that the new position wanted me for 2 years and then a first authorship opportunity came up so i stayed for three. I have definitely outgrown the position and i put off applying to school for 3
  5. This is so hard. This was my second time round and even though I felt like my interview was perfect, I got on the waitlist at EMU. After really getting down, I ended up going the "hope for the best, plan for the worst" route. I applied for 6 jobs, 2 masters programs, and set up 1 skype interview in the two weeks between being told I was on the waitlist and being told that I was officially accepted. I can't explain my relief but I can say that prepping for the possibility of not getting in helped to distract me and also feel better prepared for whatever future came. Good luck!!!!!
  6. Thank you all so much for your input!!! EMU really feels *right* (I didn't believe about the importance of 'fit' until I felt it for myself) and I wanted to make sure that an R2 wasn't a mistake. I know that it isn't the highest ranking school out there but I also really just care about being with faculty that make sense and also that I know will be supportive. So excited!!
  7. How important do you feel the distinction is between R1 and R2 schools? I know R1 are typically more prestigious and sometimes have more resources, but if the internship match and EPPP rates are high at an R2 school, will the lack of an R1 be impactful after graduation?
  8. School: Eastern Michigan University Program: Clinical Psychology Acceptance Date and Notification: March 6th. Email from the DCT -- Accepted off the waitlist. I truly felt that I found my 'fit' here and and I am so incredibly excited. Waiting to hear from one other school but I am pretty set on EMU. Go Eagles!!
  9. I am in the same boat. Can I ask you what school you are waitlisted for? pM me if you'd like. In my case, the P.I didn't let me know where she was on the list to offer admission as everything was through the DCT. DCT said in the initial email that there is really no way to tell who will be able to put in an offer next so it has been about 1 month and I have heard nothing.
  10. I have been really struggling. Currently waitlisted at a school that does not tell you where on the waitlist you are so it is so up in the air right now. Applied 3 years ago with straight rejections after interviews so objectively I know that being waitlisted is a good thing but it just feels crushing.
  11. Has anyone heard from PGSP--Stanford post-interview? Thanks in advance!
  12. So strange, I called Loyola today and they said invites had been sent. I hope you are correct instead! Thanks for the info on both!
  13. Does anyone know if the following schools are done sending out interview offers? Might call later today: University of Denver, PhD Loyola University Chicago Northwestern University - Weinberg
  14. I know that this is PsyD, but has anyone heard back from the phD program? Are there still invites going out?
  15. I saw one post on the results page for it mid week last week but otherwise have not heard. Would love to hear from anyone who has! I reached out to the P.I. today to check in on applications
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