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  1. No, I received the email on Friday evening
  2. Thank you all. I actually just received my acceptance letter along with aid
  3. How can you tell when your application was complete? It says that my application was submitted on January 10 and that the video interview was received on January 15 (all other materials were received even before then). Does that mean that my application was officially complete on January 15?
  4. I still haven't heard back. I don't know if this means that I am rejected/waitlisted or if they haven't made a decision about my application yet. Does anyone know if they've sent out rejection letters?
  5. Congratulations! Just curious, did you go to the usual admissions portal (the same one where you admitted your application) or to some different webpage? I've been refreshing my portal constantly, but now I'm not sure if I'm even looking at the right link. I remember that the other schools I heard back from sent a separate link for viewing your results.
  6. Did anyone apply to the public policy data science program? I still haven't heard back from them.
  7. I submitted my application (DA track) on January 10 too, a little before midnight. I received an email the next morning with a link to respond to the interview prompt. I'm not sure why processing times are different, but as woolscarves said, it sounds unlikely that it has any effect on your chances of admission. I suspect that my application was processed relatively quickly because most of my materials (GRE scores, transcripts, letters of recommendation) were uploaded or submitted a long time ago.
  8. Does anyone have any guidance on negotiating funding? Has anyone tried to request additional funding either this year or in years past?
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