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  1. I got a rejection after being on the waitlist as well. I just assumed it meant the other candidate(s) in my period accepted their offers.
  2. FINALLY got an acceptance. Feels really good :) Thankfully, I was able to attend the visit day before all the cancellations.
  3. I'm only on waitlists, too, and I have an MA from a program ranked in the 40s. I'm really sorry for the hurt you're feeling after your advisor's comment. The reality is that they have a job in your dream field, and it doesn't REALLY hurt them if you don't get in after they write a letter, so it's too bad that they made that comment. I let my advisor know about my situation, and they replied that it's such a hard time and programs are accepting fewer and fewer people, etc. I hope you can get some encouragement like that too, because you have worked SO HARD. The reality of all this is that rejec
  4. What are people's thoughts on visiting places that have waitlisted you? I'm on four waitlists with no acceptances, and I just heard back from the final program I was waiting for. So, I now have to decide if it's worth the money to pay my way to visit any of these places so that I could make an informed decision if an offer comes my way later in March/April.
  5. I finally heard back from the 14th program where I applied today (rejection). As it stands, I'm on FOUR waitlists, and I'm going to a campus visit/interview in two weeks for another program before they announce decisions. Here's my question: should I pay the money to visit any of the programs where I'm waitlisted? I think it would be impossible to commit to go somewhere (they'd all be long distance moves) without having visited; I haven't been to any of the cities before, and flights are expensive. But, I know there's a chance that if I do receive an offer, it will be in April, since the
  6. What do we think the chances are that they already notified acceptances and waitlists, but none of those people are on GC?
  7. Just chiming in here with a reminder that the DGS at Brown replied to my inquiry on the 13th saying it could be another "week or so" for decision letters to go out, and that we'll be notified via email when they do. It's been a week since then, but they could easily be planning to take until the end of next week, given her response. But, I know that's not fun news, so I'm in full support of people reaching out whenever they wish
  8. As I posted here Thursday, I emailed U of Oregon, SUNY Buffalo, and Brown for updates on Thursday afternoon, since their deadlines were all mid-December, and I've seen notifications on the GC board. Even though everyone is swamped, I also thought this would be a good way to gauge how overstretched the department is, since a good friend of mine who's in a TT English professorship told me if they don't have time for you as a prospective student, they won't have time for you as an enrolled student. Brown emailed back same day, as I already posted here, saying it might be another week. Buffal
  9. I see a Brandeis acceptance on the board. I forget who was asking about Brandeis the other day...
  10. @Rrandle101 I just received a waitlist notification from Buffalo, too. Do you mind sharing your area of interest?
  11. YES! Someone brought donuts in to the office, so my frantic page-refreshes are now fueled by excess sugar! All the UConn acceptances on the board make me fairly sure it's a rejection for me. Still a bunch of programs pending, but I haven't heard from any this week.
  12. To the most recent Notre Dame acceptance: CONGRATS! Reading your post made me smile. It's super fun to see people getting good news in the midst of this crazy-making wait!
  13. @digital_lime @inchoate-eyes @onerepublic96 and anyone else waiting for Brown, here's how they responded to my email: Thank you for your message. The admissions process can be a somewhat lengthy and it may be another week or so for decision letters to be sent out. When decisions are available, a link will be sent to applicants to review the letter in CollegeNET. So...perhaps there is still hope? Or, she means "rejection letters."
  14. @inchoate-eyes@onerepublic96 I will definitely update here if/when I hear anything!
  15. I couldn't help myself: I emailed Oregon, Buffalo, and Brown about my application status. Their deadlines were all mid-December, so it's been over 8 weeks. I'm holding off on emailing any program with a January deadline for now, as well as any without a GC acceptance posted.
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