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  1. Hey @caterpillar3 I went through their respective employment reports on the website, so that's why I wrote so. "Better" is probably an incorrect word †hat I used. The outcome is a very subjective call, I mostly got the feeling that Heinz had a better salary payout.
  2. Thanks a lot @juanlisa. That's really informative. I have a few more focused questions. Do you mind if I PM you with them?
  3. I am in literally the same boat here. Admitted to MSCAPP, McCourt DSPP as well as PPM-DA, better funding by CMU as well. Torn between the two schools. From my understanding it seems MSCAPP is a more prestigious program (i might be wrong), however the employment opportunities for PPM-DA students are better. The Chicago location might be an issue. Being an international student, this is of prime importance to me as well. Employment aside, I believe Harris is a better college than Heinz, and has worked hard to establish the CAPP. Additionally I feel CAPP also has a strong program stru
  4. Thanks a lot for that. Can't really visit the Universities with the Covid-19 outbreak. Will have to take a decision based on feedback and online videos!
  5. @GradSchoolGrad That's pretty insightful Thanks for the information. I have received an admit from all three programs and am in the middle of the decision making process. CMU's aid is the most competitive but I have read and heard that Harris is a better school. Your two cents on this situation? @nadine_eb STEM programs allow you to extend your OPT by 2 years (1+2). As a consequence you can sit for the H1B lottery thrice, and are a safer bet for employers in general, because they wouldn't want to hire someone who might not be able to work for more than a year.
  6. I recently applied for STEM Policy Programs only. In my opinion, for an international student, the risks associated with a non STEM degree far outweigh the benefits. I would suggest the same to you. However, at the end of the day this is an intensely personal decision, and one you should take keeping in mind the career outcomes of the various degrees, and their alignment with your career goals. Edit: I’m an international student as well.
  7. Has anyone tried contacting McCourt to find out why this delay? I remember last year decisions were sent out on 1st March itself.
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