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  1. Im pretty sure that Alberta is aware that a lot of potential students have to send their decisions by April 15th. So I would also bet that the results will come in during this week. Hope so lol
  2. I did contact the faculty admin and was told that mid-April at the latest....so I do hope the notification comes next week. Since the week after that is the 15th. But Im not sure anymore. I think you guys are on the same boat as me. Have you heard anything else?
  3. Dear Lord.....might be on the same boat as him....although im on a different faculty. Il email the administrator and ask.
  4. Hey! did you get any news? Im still waiting.
  5. I was told back in January that the results will be on march at least for my program. I really have no idea how many applicants they have or the volume of applications. Might be less than master program but I don't know. I just know that it is driving me crazy. I wish you all the best in these next couple of days!
  6. Hopefully it wont get delayed with all of what's going on, although it would be completely understandable. The wait is killing me!
  7. Hey! I have applied for a different program, but I know most results have a deadline for march 31st (tuesday) im stuck at "Under Review" as well...its driving me insane as well. Hang in there!
  8. Anyone applied to Educational Policy Studies at U of A?
  9. im still waiting as well and also shows "Under Review" on the website.... Phd application to Faculty of Education.-
  10. Hey! The deadline was back in January (dont remember the exact date) so I was told by the Universirty that the decisions will be on the 31st. So I hope that they still come in time. But if they are delayed I would understand because of the coronavirus.
  11. Hi Vanessa, im still waiting!! hahaha i´ve been told decision might come on the 31st. Which cant come soon enough.
  12. Anyone got any updates on their application?
  13. Hi! Im waiting on a decision so if i get I would love to get in touch! Program is Phd in Educational Policy Studies. I would be moving to Canada from Mexico, love to cook, read, horror movies....
  14. Hey! Im also waiting out on a decision by the faculty of education ......Phd program. And yes im going insane.
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