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  1. Thanks for the feedback. Do you feel like Chicago's program is really that much better than the others? How does it stack up to Univ. of Washington?
  2. Hello all, April 15 is the deadline to decide where I'll be going for my Master's in Stats! I'm posting here to get a better idea of where I should go. Here are my options: UChicago, Duke, UNC-Chapel Hill, UW-Madison, and ETH Zurich. Worth noting is that UW-Madison is free, although money isn't really a concern for me. As of now, I'd say I'm definitely leaning UChicago based on its prestige and the strength of its master's program. While I'm not that interested at the moment in pursuing a PhD following my Master's, I suppose leaving that door open can't hurt and that there's a lot of good
  3. So you think I have a solid chance at getting into some of these top 10/top 5 programs? Also, what is the difference between Stanford Stats/ICME and why would I choose one over the other? What about their data science program relative to these two?
  4. Hey everyone, I've decided to apply to master's programs in statistics/data science this fall. I'm looking for some feedback on my current school list, as I'm not quite sure how to gauge my chances at some of the schools. Here's my profile: Undergrad Institution: UC Berkeley Major: Statistics GPA: 3.74 Type of Student: Domestic White Male GRE General Test: Q: 166 (87th percentile), V: 166 (97th), W: 5.0 (92nd) Programs Applying: Master's Statistics (maybe some data science programs as well) Research Experience: I had a negative research experience with a pro
  5. Glad to hear this. How important are LoR for Stats Master’s? I’ve heard they’re not nearly as important as for PhD programs, but what do you think?
  6. Hey everyone, I just graduated college, and due to COVID, my plans have changed. Originally, I was going to work in a sports analytics role for a professional baseball team this summer/winter with the chance of being hired full-time if I performed well. Then, after a year or two of work, I was going to apply to grad school. But, my job got canceled, and so now I've been home coaching pickleball (no lie, it's been a fun experience) and have decided to apply to grad school this winter. Thanks for any help you can offer! Undergrad Institution: UC Berkeley Major: Statistics GPA: 3.743
  7. Got it, that's good information to know. Didn't realize master's programs were significantly less competitive and that letters aren't a huge deal. With this in mind I'll probably stick with pass/fail, at least for now. Appreciate everyone's help!
  8. Good to see a fellow Cal stat major here! I appreciate the information--it's definitely useful to know that my GPA is in a pretty good spot. I'm not interested in doing a PhD really, just a master's, and so although I have taken real analysis (which I only managed a B in), I'm not too worried about that grade. Aside from that, though, I'd love to hear about how you went about getting LoR. Like I said, I'll be applying after working for a couple years, and I've been wondering how to go about the LoR process... to be honest, I haven't made any great connections with professors here, but there ma
  9. First of all, I unfortunately just have no idea what grades I might get, as a large percentage of my grades rests on how I do on my finals, which could potentially be hard. I wish I had the luxury of seeing my final letter grade before choosing pass/fail or the letter, but this is not the case. Lastly, there is a lot of uncertainty about how teachers are going to curve classes given many will be taking classes pass/fail and many will want letter grades, and so the decision is just a tough one to make. My question then, I guess, is how does my GPA look now in terms of getting into some good mas
  10. Hey! I'm currently a 4th year undergrad majoring in statistics at UC Berkeley. Right now, my plan is to apply for a master's in statistics or data science within the next 2-4 years, as I'm planning on doing data science work for at least a year before applying. My question, though, has to do with my grades this semester--in particular, due to the coronavirus, my school has given us the option to either take our classes pass/fail or we can request a letter grade. They are pushing hard for us to do pass/fail, but I'm not sure this is the best option for someone like me who hopes to go to grad sc
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