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    CatMeow1234 reacted to AnxiousKronk in PhD/DrPH Applicants: Fall 2021   
    To share my bit of experience with SOPHAS (and pretty much other apps) - the process was much faster than expected and honestly didn't seem as anxious as I thought it would be. Either way - good luck to all of us! Let's hope we'll get in to our dream school :D 
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    CatMeow1234 got a reaction from brightbluebirds in PhD/DrPH Applicants: Fall 2021   
    Thank you so much @HopingForGoodNews for sharing your experiences with verification! I had a similar timeline although my first deadline was in November. So SOPHAS seems to be super fast!
    I have applied to 5 programs and am hoping for the best. There is one more I may submit for. It’s tough to navigate this uncertainty over the next few months, but I am telling myself that I have given my absolute best and I cannot control COVID’s influence on the application cycle. Anyone have tips on navigating the waiting game? Hope that everyone gets in where they want to!
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    CatMeow1234 reacted to IAAJ in PhD/DrPH Applicants: Fall 2021   
    I feel so late in the game. I took the GRE and BOMBED the quantitative portion. However, I know that my LORs are strong, and my experience is also strong for a DrPH.
    Would anyone be willing to read my SOP? I feel like this is where I need the most help. If you're willing, I can send you a PM with my SOP.
    Thanks all! Good luck everyone!
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    CatMeow1234 reacted to HopingForGoodNews in PhD/DrPH Applicants: Fall 2021   
    For anyone like me who has been panicking about submitting to SOPHAS too close to the December 1 deadline to be verified - my second letter of recommendation was submitted yesterday (Sunday afternoon) and my application was verified in less than 12 hours! 
    Good luck to all  
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    CatMeow1234 reacted to ProspectivePhD in PhD/DrPH Applicants: Fall 2021   
    Hi all! Excited that I found this thread! I'm applying mostly to SBS PhD programs, and one Epid bc my interests lie at the intersection of SBS and social epi.
    UG GPA: ~3.3ish (BA from top ranked public school)
    Grad GPA: 4.0 (MPH from top ranked school)
    GRE: not every strong - I think around 310-315 cumulative range - but i don't have the energy to retake & honestly have never been a good test taker so not sure it'd increase much; only sending them to the schools that require it
    Conferences: 3 small scale presentations (2 from my gap year research & 1 in grad school that won a poster presentation award)
    Publications: 1 mid-author, working on a few more as mid-author but those won't be submitted before apps are due
    LOR: 3 faculty from my MPH - 1 strictly academic letter, 1 both academic/professional, and 1 strictly professional
    Other: first gen, POC, worked for 2 years between UG and grad
    Interests: neighborhood factors and built environment impact on adolescent health outcomes (mental health & violence prevention) in urban centers, particular interest in racial and ethnic disparities
    Applying: Michigan (HBHE), Yale (SBS), Brown (SBSS), Tulane (SBPS), Berkeley (Epid)
    I did speak to faculty and students at each school earlier during the cycle, which made me feel more confident but obviously PhDs are competitive in nature and especially right now!
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    CatMeow1234 got a reaction from IAAJ in PhD/DrPH Applicants: Fall 2021   
    Good luck IAAJ! Your work sounds really interesting and important.
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    CatMeow1234 reacted to epi_2021 in PhD/DrPH Applicants: Fall 2021   
    I really appreciate this. Thank you!!
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    CatMeow1234 got a reaction from epi_2021 in PhD/DrPH Applicants: Fall 2021   
    Yes you definitely can submit before - (I wanted to make sure I was giving you correct info so I confirmed this info here too). I would recommend submitting as soon as you can, just in case there are any issues with your transcripts that could hold you up.   
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    CatMeow1234 reacted to epi_2021 in PhD/DrPH Applicants: Fall 2021   
    Does anyone know if you can submit your SOPHAS application before all of your recommendations are in, or should you wait until they have all been received to officially submit? 
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    CatMeow1234 reacted to jzhh96 in PhD/DrPH Applicants: Fall 2021   
    Hi everyone!
    I know this would probably be the last minute ask since many people have already submitted their application, but is anyone willing to review my SOP? I've been really struggling with it these days. 
    I'll be applying to JHU, UNC, Emory and UT Austin this time. 
    Best of luck with the process to everyone! Have a great weekend^^
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    CatMeow1234 reacted to phd_hopeful_2021 in PhD/DrPH Applicants: Fall 2021   
    Hi, everyone!
    Hope everything is going smoothly while we all finish up our applications! Is anyone willing to share which schools they applied to and how confident they are feeling about all of them? I’ll start.
    I applied to Yale, NYU, U of Arizona and Indiana U.
    Yale is a long shot, and all the others I’m thinking could go either way! 
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    CatMeow1234 reacted to jsoruv4 in Asking for a recommendation letter after 3 years of no contact   
    Hey CatMeow1234 and hopeful2020PhD. thanks so much for your responses.  I sent out the email last night, as well as to the other two letter writers I'm hopeful about.  I in fact don't have a back up plan, so my course of action if she says no (or if someone else does) would be to wait until next year to apply and ask my employer over the next year to be my last reference, or ask the person who declined again if it's just a timing issue.
    Thanks again for your input!
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    CatMeow1234 got a reaction from jsoruv4 in Asking for a recommendation letter after 3 years of no contact   
    I would focus on asking as soon as possible rather than wording it perfectly. It sounds like this would be a pleasant surprise if she says yes (given what she said) but you never know, people do change their minds! I would acknowledge that you haven’t been in contact, apologize if you want but no excuses, and that you completely understand if she is not comfortable doing it.
    Do you have a backup plan if she does not respond? (How long are you willing to wait for a reply before asking a backup?) otherwise it may get even more down to the wire! 
    good luck!!
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    CatMeow1234 reacted to hopeful2020PhD in Asking for a recommendation letter after 3 years of no contact   
    I agree with CatMeow1234. One thing to add: You should contact this professor, and a backup, now. Like today. Apps are due in 3 weeks and we have a major holiday in that time window. The longer you wait, the less likely anyone is to say yes because there is going to be such a time crunch. 
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    CatMeow1234 reacted to jsoruv4 in Asking for a recommendation letter after 3 years of no contact   
    I want to apply to epidemiology programs this cycle (I am down to the wire here, I know), and one of the key professors I have in mind for a recommendation letter was my Epidemiology professor whose class I got an A in and was selected as a Teaching Assistant for the following semester. 
    The problem is, when I was taking her class, someone had raised their hand to ask if she writes recommendation letters for students if they're taking gap time before applying (or something along those lines), and she had replied saying that if we'd like her to write a recommendation for us in that situation, we should contact her once a year until that time. 
    Now...I didn't do that - looking back at my emails, I had contacted her a year after I TA'd for her to ask if she'd be a job reference in fall of 2017, which she had happily agreed to do.  Then I didn't have any correspondence in 2018, and the next time I reached out was April 2019 to ask if she'd be a job reference and if she'd be a recommendation writer if I applied that fall, which I didn't end up doing - she didn't reply back. 
    So anyways it's been basically 3 years since a successful interaction with her, and I'm wondering how people would recommend reaching out to her now and what would be a good way to phrase my ask.
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    CatMeow1234 reacted to IAAJ in PhD/DrPH Applicants: Fall 2021   
    I'm so glad I found this thread!
    My stats are nothing to write home about, but I'm applying to various programs anyway. I will be applying to DrPH programs because I want to develop, implement, and evaluate programs that aim to reduce racial and ethnic disparities in MCH, and do this through a faith-based lens. This sounds VERY specific, but it's what I hope to do.
    My undergrad GPA was terrible = 2.6
    MPH + MCH Certificate = 3.91 (Health Education Behavioral Science background) (unfortunately, it took me a while to finish my MPH for a myriad of reasons, but hopefully that doesn't come back to bite me in the butt).
    I am 2 years post MPH, but have 8 years of work experience in public health - started in adolescent pregnancy prevention, then to coalition coordinator, a small stint at a small consulting company, followed by VA, and now a health educator for a local health department.
    I am retaking the GRE (haven't taken it in 10 years) on 11/16 and praying! I only need the GRE for 2 schools I will be applying to, so I'm hoping for the best! When I took the GRE in 2010, my scores were still out of 800! (V: 510, Q:640, AW: 4.5)
    Schools I'll be applying to: Tulane, BUSPH, JHSPH, GW, UArizona, Rutgers and (maybe) Colorado). Reaching out to faculty from these schools who work in MCH or use a CBPR approach to designing programs. Some have answered and I've had great conversations, others haven't responded.
    LORs: 1 supervisor (expert in risk communications) and 2 former professors (one of which is the chair of a department).
    I'm praying a good personal statement helps my case! Good luck everyone!
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    CatMeow1234 reacted to MPH2021Canada in 2 questions related to the MPH applications submissions !   
    I think what you said is right I guess. 
    I just was wondering why some universities recommend to apply and submit as early as possible, but may be as you said , just to make sure that all documents are fulfilled!
    Thanks CateMeow!
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    CatMeow1234 reacted to drunkenduck in 2 questions related to the MPH applications submissions !   
    Some programs start reviewing applications as soon as they are complete, and some don't even look at applications until after the deadline. So if your apps are ready, it certainly doesn't hurt to submit them early, and it might give you a slight advantage.
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    CatMeow1234 got a reaction from MPH2021Canada in 2 questions related to the MPH applications submissions !   
    I only have experience with US apps but I think it’s similar in Canada. I don’t think it matters at all when you submit, except that you want to leave a bit of time to make sure everything is in, which it sounds like you are already doing!
    As for following up, definitely no need to let them know. However, if you want to email them to touch base to confirm all of your letters of rec, transcripts, GRE, etc have been received by the school and you have a complete application, I think that’s totally fine and actually I’m doing that myself. 
    good luck!
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    CatMeow1234 reacted to MPH2021Canada in 2 questions related to the MPH applications submissions !   
    Simply my question is, from your experience and/or knowledge , does it make any difference to submit my application either very early "as early as one week after opening the application process"  Or very late "as late as 2 weeks from dead line"? or all the same ?
    Another question is is it a good practice after submitting my application to send e-mail to the graduarte office or the program admin to say that I've submitted my application and all the reference letters has been sent, or no need to send such an e-mail?
    Thanks in advance for your inputs everyone.
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    CatMeow1234 reacted to hopeful2020PhD in PhD/DrPH Applicants: Fall 2021   
    Don't stress about it. Years ago I applied to the same schools for masters and doctoral programs. I wanted to go straight into my PhD but understood it was a longshot. In my personal statement, I clearly communicated that I wanted get my PhD at the school and that the masters would prepare me for it. Admissions committees are familiar with this scenario.
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    CatMeow1234 reacted to epi_2021 in PhD/DrPH Applicants: Fall 2021   

    Does anyone have any insights regarding applying to both the PhD program and the MS program within the same department?  My long term goal is PhD. But, if not accepted anywhere, I would consider doing the MS with the hopes of continuing on to the PhD. 
    Is it a bad idea to apply to both? Could it weaken your application? 

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    CatMeow1234 got a reaction from drunkenduck in UT Houston GRE Waived- should I send it anyway?   
    Awesome, DrunkenDuck! 🦆 Others may have different opinions than me, but that is what I would do if I were in your shoes. Good luck on finishing up your applications - keep me posted on how things go with UTH!
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    CatMeow1234 reacted to drunkenduck in Emails to POIs   
    Hey Everybody,
    I was just curious as to what kind of responses you guys have been getting to introductory emails to POIs. I've emailed 12 so far and have gotten a few "thanks for emailing, I look forward to your application," two saying they weren't taking new students next year, and about 6 that haven't responded yet. Have you been getting similar results?
    What are you going to do about POIs who never respond: apply anyway, don't apply, or email again?
    In psychology (my background), these emails are a very important part of the application process. Is the same true for Public Health?
    I'd appreciate anyone's thoughts!
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    CatMeow1234 reacted to ♀HealthMatters in Emails to POIs   
    That's such a good question. I wonder, given this current situation we're in, what will happen. I haven't even started. I've been putting it off because of alllllll the anxiety. Plus, when I'm done working all day at my computer I don't want to switch computers and do more work. Though, I really have to at this point! Are you asking if they're taking on new students or asking general questions? 
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