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  1. Thanks! And did you mean Chicago, with UIC? If yes, no, I have accepted USF already. With UIC I already told them I'm rejecting the offer, but they said I should wait the official letter, not really sure why.
  2. I think it really varies by program. I got accepted at UIC MCH and I am not going to accept my offer, but they asked me to wait for my official admission letter before rejecting it. Also, I was just accepted to USF CFH, about a week ago, but I know their deadline for the first admitted group to decide was march 15th.
  3. For what program? I got accepted to UIC MCH PhD on February 23rd.
  4. I have been waitlisted in 2 schools, one of them I did not reach out to learn about my position. However, for the other one I knew my position because I knew someone in the faculty. I don't know how common it is to ask, but I think it depends on how you feel the school is going to be like. If you do decide to ask that, I would let them know that you are really interested not heir program, and that is why you are asking.
  5. Yes yes yes! I know how anxious we can get through this process. And yes, we might be 'competing' for the same spot. But it should never be about that. I am glad we had the opportunity to get to know each other better and are now going to be in the same program. To those who have not heard from the programs you're hoping yet, or are waitlisted. Don't lose hope just yet, I know it seems like the cycle is close to being over, but a lot can happen. Finish strong. And if it is the case that you don't get in this year, reach out to programs and ask for feedback. Also, don't be discouraged to
  6. Just got accepted to the USF Community and Family Health program. I was waitlisted before.
  7. I was in shock and did not celebrate on the day of. But now I bought a bottle of champagne, and I am hoping that I will be able to go back home (Brazil) at least once before starting the program. Until then, I'm finishing my MPH in the summer, so I will be studying/working until the first week of August.
  8. Update: I just heard back from them I got into the program! Also this morning I got waitlisted for JHU Population and Family Health
  9. Has anyone heard back form UIC MCH program?
  10. That would be a good idea actually. I felt so lost in so many stages of this process
  11. Also a member of the Harvard rejection club. Was expecting that too.
  12. Hi everyone! Just received a rejection from University of Miami prevention sciences program. Thought I would share in case anyone else was waiting on responses.
  13. Yes! I will! Mine were all over the week, and actually today was the only day I did not have anything for JHU. I will DM you and we can definitely talk more! And I actually think that doing the email list would be great. Would be so nice to have a support group where we can talk and share some of our experiences, projects, etc.
  14. I am interviewing for JHU too, in the same program as you. Are all your interviews on Friday? Also, I know you said you like the USF program. I did my undergrad and MPH there, and honestly I feel that the JHU one is like the USF CFH in steroids (in a very good way). But I think it really depends on how you feel after the interview and the place that you think that fits best with your personality.
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