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  1. Thanks so much for this! I sent you a private message about this. I also did an exchange year in the Netherlands!
  2. Yes, really helpful! Thank you. Do you happen to know how Orpas deals with courses taken overseas on an exchange year?
  3. Hi there! Just wondering if anyone in the community has any experience with UBC's Psyc 304?
  4. Thank you! That leads now to my next question, has anybody been accepted to U of A with a prerequisite average less than 3.5?
  5. 2022 program applicant here, just wondering if anybody accepted to U of A had a B- or lower in any of the prerequisites? Just wondering about the need to re-take courses.
  6. Hi there, This message is to U of A people in particular: I'm wondering if anyone got accepted with a degree that was not at all in the speech sciences, psychology, or linguistics area, but the pre-requisites were satisfied?
  7. Thank you for that. Was your WES evaluation for a credential, i.e. a degree or was it just for some courses taken over the course of one year, for example?
  8. Hi there, Thank you for the reply! My uni lists exchange as just a pass, but I know I need to include all transcripts, and I want to include my exchange year anyway because I did very well, and the courses taken during the exchange year were credited towards my major, and are important for my sGPA. There is pertinent information on page 6 of https://www.ouac.on.ca/guide/orpas-transcript/#assessment Here it says, "Whether you are a Canadian or non-Canadian applicant, you must have your international transcript assessed by WES if: * you have not met the minimum course number criteria usin
  9. Can anyone shed light on how ORPAS deals with grades earned on an exchange year in Europe for their sGPA calculations?
  10. Hi there, to meet the Statistics course requirement for some schools, can anyone comment on Athabasca’s Soci 301?
  11. On the UBC website, for prerequisites, it says courses are to be at 300 and 400 level when possible. Can anyone comment on applying to UBC with multiple linguistics courses only as high as the 200 level? Other relevant course work would be upper level and other pieces of app would be strong. Just debating if worth applying without upgrading the Ling courses. And your 80 - 85% comment, is that for overall GPA or prerequisites?
  12. Can anybody comment on how strict the grade requirements are for the prerequisite courses for the different SLP programs? I think I read U of T had a B+ requirement for pre-requisites. Is that firm? How about the other programs?
  13. You sound like an awesome candidate! I'd be very surprised if you didn't get in. How were your GRE scores? IMO they should be at the bottom of the list when it comes to judging.
  14. Hi there, does anyone know how Dalhousie calculates GPA when a third year on exchange in Europe is involved?
  15. Can anyone tell me how big the Dalhousie SLP program is? Roughly how many applicants, and how many admitted each year?
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