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  1. Ask your lab for more concrete research i.e., your name on a submitted pub. Even if it is second author, clinical psych has ballooned in competition and you need to be on a submission. (Still possible without, but harder)
  2. I just want to add that from speaking to faculty and through personal/peer experiences, the subfield of PTSD/trauma is especially competitive. Also, neuropsychology tends to be more competitive as well, specifically the physiological data collection labs. This is partially due to there being more interest in both PTSD and neuro, and there being less available PIs. I do not have data on this, but I have been told it takes a little extra to get in.
  3. To the admissions poster inquiring about UMBC: I have an acceptance and am still deciding whether I will accept. Unsure at this time, but feel free to DM for POI.
  4. So, last year I applied to a PI who did plan to accept me and even verbally offered BUT she was poached to a better university and due to her leaving/pandemic delaying her move, she was unable to accept that year. I applied this year to the NEW university, and did not receive an interview invitation. I was waitlisted to interview, but honestly I was quite shocked considering our email correspondence, and I had significantly more experience this year two. It just goes to show PIs change their minds and universities may have input too. Don't put your eggs in any one basket expecting to be rememb
  5. Was wondering if anyone knows anything about Uniformed Services University's clinical psych program? Like general info about the program? The website didn't give too much to go off of.
  6. I would love your example if you do not mind sharing! Thank you!
  7. In the same vein of thought, would it be appropriate to mention my family member's memory loss/dementia in my statement for neuropsych programs? Her diagnosis is what pushed me to go down this research path (I was previously in a different clinical subfield of research).
  8. I appreciate your comment, thank you! I definitely felt like I was very nervous during my interviews. I believe two of them went very well and my other three just went ok. Do you have any interviewing tips? Is it better to come with a fully fleshed out project idea or is it ok to be unsure? At some of them I pitched research ideas I had and at others I felt I did not know enough to have something relevant so I did not pitch a specific project. I also think I am more introverted which made it difficult at the parties they had. I was still social and spoke with the grad students/professors, but
  9. I am a recent grad interested in a clinical psychology PhD, and I want to know if I can hear some thoughts on whether I am strong enough to apply this year. I am interested in trauma/sexual assault research, but also find myself interested in neuropsychology, particularly with geriatric populations. I received a 156 Q, 159 V on the GRE and I have two in-progress publications submitted but not accepted at this time. I have presented posters at national conferences twice and was very involved in my undergrad with research. Recently, I received a job as a neuropsychologist assistant where I will
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