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  1. Hey!! I am looking to pursue PhD in specifically looking at International health from Johns Hopkins university and Population Health Sciences from Harvard. I know both of these are highly competitive ones. About me: I am a Dentist from India and completed MPH recently. CGPA 6.5 I have worked on two research projects one as part of masters thesis and other independent one. Working on publishing my work as well. Currently working on improving qualtiy of care of maternal health services in the govt run facilities catering to the vulnerable population. I am really interes
  2. Hey... Pursing Phd had been a dream am nurturing since long. I am hoping to pursue PhD in public health from either Johns Hopkins or Harvard. Being an international student, who is supporting herself financially, spending the amount for standardized test like TOEFL and GRE and application for college is a huge financial load. Hence would like to know where my profile stands so that I can make informed decision of going ahead with application process. Education : Bachelors : Bachelors in Dental Sciences( BDS) Masters: Masters in Public health from top university in India for
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