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  1. At what point is it appropriate to follow up with a program about decisions/ is it a good idea at all? During the interview, the director said we would be hearing back in 2 weeks regardless of the decision. It is now nearly 3 weeks since my interview. I know programs get behind on stuff but should I follow up?
  2. I received an invite for einstein in early jan, and I believe BCMB for Weill Cornell (if thats what you mean) sent out early late Dec
  3. Hi! I am interviewing for their Pharmacology program. I'm interviewing Wednesday- Friday and I have 4 interviews that are 45 min long. They said you would receive 4-5. If you go onto the Interviewee Portal they provided us, they have a FAQ section and it says they are interviewing 250 and expecting a class of 60-65. I believe this is inclusive of all programs because its in the general section not just under the specific pharma umbrella. I don't think they expect a presentation because it should be more of a conversation. Hope this helps!
  4. Hi all! I was wondering thoughts on emailing the program following your interview just saying thank you and reiterating your interest? Should this go to the program director and/ or the interviewers? Thanks!
  5. I've only gotten one interview schedule so far, and for each faculty I have 20 minutes. So between both of our research thats not a lot of time. I'm preparing a nice little elevator speech to give an overview of my research and then preparing some more in depth details for faculty asking questions and other interviews that are longer!
  6. l was hoping so, but I haven’t seen any updates
  7. Congrats!! Do you mind sharing when you submitted your application? It’s so weird they’re sending out the invites so sporadically. I also did Mechanisms and Disease, submitted my portion of the app in October, but one of my letter of recs was slow and didn’t submit until right before deadline...
  8. Anyone heard back from NYU Vileck and applied to the Mechanism of Disease (Molecular Oncology and Tumor Immunology)?
  9. Hello! Congrats! For MSK, does it appear to be personalized or a mass email? Really hoping for this one..
  10. it was such a great program! Super thankful for it
  11. I am thinking (hoping) Icahn will be this week too. When I participated in their advisory program they suggested they were hoping to have a quick turnaround.. but as always things seem delayed this year! Fingers crossed!
  12. How did you find out when they intended to send invites?
  13. Do we think invitations will continue coming out this week? I've looked at old results and a lot of schools normally sent out last week but it doesn't seem like they sent out yet. Not sure if the holiday changes things.
  14. I received an invitation to interview with Weill Cornell for their pharmacology program a couple hours ago!
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