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    New Brunswick, NJ

    Hi CeXra, I'm looking for a place to move in on short notice. Very short notice indeed. Wondering if you've found a place and would be ok with you to share the areas/places you looked? I see that I share many of your criterias when looking for a place so I thought some suggestions from you would help with the searching process. Thanks!
  2. PhD. I've been in touch with them this whole time actually. They said because of COVID, they waited for instruction for fall semester and now trying to figure things out. I know it's very unusual, especially for PhD. Thanks tho
  3. I'm waiting to hear from the Division of Life Sciences, although that's not my program department. What's yours? Also, thanks for sharing your info
  4. Hi there. I'm in the same situation. My school said I'd be notified in early July, so far still nothing. I'm told that the school is still figuring out how Fall semester will run. I also don't know if they just leave me hanging or if there's something else behind. Just want to let you know you're not alone, whichever school you're waiting to hear from.
  5. Hello, Is there anyone who's still waiting for TA appointment result for 2020-21 from Rutgers like me? I'm a new student. I'm so exhausted from waiting. It's been months. I don't know if they're just leaving me hanging or it's really because of COVID that everything is slowed down. Please share your experience and situation as you feel comfortable. I just really need to get distracted from frustration. Thanks
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