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  1. For context I'm in an MA now and starting my PhD in the Fall. Have you done a Masters in film studies? If not, I would recommend trying to apply to (what few there are) funded MAs. I think USC offers some students partial funding and some full and maybe UW and Toronto ? Anyone know of others? You will hear a lot of people warn of humanities PhDs not being worth it or that the job market is abysmal. My #1 advice is to arrive at a personal decision about what matters to you. I realized that while all those warnings are sound, none of those people could actually offer me or point me to
  2. First of all, congratulations on these acceptances!! I'm not in your field so I'm coming at this just based on the information you've provided and my experience applying to MAs last year + PhDs this year. 1) Funding/fellowship: The first thing I would recommend is trying to speak to both schools about the likelihood of being selected for the fellowship. Tell them how excited you are about the program but how important funding is. They may be able to give more insight into as April 15 gets closer and candidates accept/deny. This, I think, is the most important factor. If on April 15 you ar
  3. Venting about ethics of this: I actually find it so concerning that schools are comfortable taking prospective students for a ride, neglecting the labor, cost, and time of applying to their specific program, all in the name of this final-hour decision to support current students. Many, many schools made the decision to suspend admissions in the Fall, and NYU, I am sure, was more than aware of this discourse and demands of their students. And yet somehow they are only now, mid-March, communicating this decision to us. Rather than provide current students and us with the clarity we both needed,
  4. Hello! did you inquire or did you get an email? i applied too but didn't hear anything from them along these lines
  5. Haven't heard anything. In my mind I had Jan. 15 as the date after which we could start to hear at any point...which is nerve-wracking because that's tomorrow. It's an insane feeling that, at any moment over the next two months, we will hear hugely consequential news. Like, you could be asleep, in class, shopping for groceries. Wack. R.e. covid, my suspicion is that things may be a bit delayed, so I'll try to keep telling myself that over the next few weeks.
  6. If I were you, I would choose to just be honest. The reality is that a professor has let you down and it is not your fault. I really doubt the new recommender would read that far into it so as to think you are implying she is some last choice. Professors interact with recommendations from a far less grand scale -- many of them write them every season in significant number and while they care, it's less massive than from the applicant perspective -- and they are aware students need to make sometimes arbitrary decisions around whom they ask, and hopefully she sympathizes with your bind. I'd say
  7. Nice! And yeah, I don't really know what to expect either, especially with some other fields reporting massive spikes in apps.
  8. @Magic Lantern to my knowledge Oxbridge takes word limits very seriously. I.e. I know that you can and will be marked down for exceeding the word limit on essays at Cambridge for example and you are typically required to include the word count on your cover page. I would very much recommend finding a way to cut the 700 words, even if it feels unimaginable, so that your app doesn't risk being disregarded on that account. Maybe try calling in some outside readers, even if they have no familiarity with your topic, just to identify passages that could go. I find another set of eyes is often far mo
  9. @theflightattendant currently getting one - what about you?
  10. hey @theflightattendant just saw your dm and realized you posted - I applied to these ones: Berkeley Toronto Northwestern Wisconsin USC University of Washington
  11. Maybe this is a stupid question, but is it standard when applying to PhD programs to also apply for financial aid? Or are fellowships/teaching assistantships as a rule different and administered separately. Like those things are different from work-study, yes?
  12. I'm in a different field (but humanities) so not sure if there is a stricter standard in History, but I wouldn't lose sleep over it. It's an incredibly hectic time for faculty with many schools preparing to go online after Thanksgiving, recommendation season, and general pandemic craziness. The vast majority of programs don't seem to require faculty contact, and I don't see a world where it would ever hurt you that you reached out but didn't hear back. Maybe your name rings some deep-seated bell when the adcom sits down to review, maybe it doesn't, but I don't think you should worry.
  13. In my opinion those are strong enough scores to make it worth submitting to optional schools (esp if your W score is 4.5+). You went to the trouble of taking it and you never know what might help the committee make a decision in your favor. At any rate, they will definitely not hurt you so I think if you submit them you won't regret it but if you don't, you might wonder what if? Though the expense is unfortunate and maybe not worth it depending on your personal situation.
  14. This is understandably a frustrating situation to be in. Don't give up! My advice would be to research MA programs in the Environmental Humanities. I know at least of Utah's program https://environmental-humanities.utah.edu/prospective-students/degree-options.php, and Oregon State https://liberalarts.oregonstate.edu/environmental-arts-and-humanities-initiative/academics. Those programs will likely be really receptive to your background. I think you're right to envision your background as a strength, just work on translating its connection into your work. Phrase it in a way that shows your cour
  15. Hi all, Not a lot going on in terms of film studies discussion, and I know it's early, but I'm interested in sharing information before outcomes (so that hopefully those outcomes themselves will be better). I've been disheartened with university websites, which really don't give much sense of a program's culture or a department climate, nor do they always spell out funding package information or departmental theoretical approaches. Additionally, I don't know a lot about what all of these cities are like. I'm considering the following programs: University of Pittsburgh UC
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