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  1. Who did you contact for this information? My results letter says SSHRC doesn't do this for anybody?
  2. For the third year in a row, not a single person on Selection Committees 2A or 2B studies Latin America or sub-Saharan Africa. The geographic bias is strong.
  3. Rejected yet again, have one more shot. Direct applicant, US university, submitted to Committee 2 and received a score of 12.15. Two conference presentations, one publication as translator, 6 months of archival experience in Latin American archives from my MA and internal award-funded research trips during my PhD coursework, etc... etc... I might be somewhat bitter (I've made earlier posts commenting on the absolute paucity of award winning projects about Africa or Latin America from all committees) but there must be a geographic bias to the selection process. SSHRC has posted the select
  4. I'm not sure that Latin America is really an uncommon field of research though, when you consider that it would include any project about Brazil, Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela, which are all pretty common locations for research when you factor in history, sociology, anthropology, environmental studies/ecology, education/curriculum/instruction, Atlantic studies, and poli sci dissertations. It's like 700 million people + at least 100 million more living in the UK/US/Canada. I could be wrong, but I feel like (and it is indeed just a hunch) more than 1.2% of Canadian humanities/soc sci PhD dissertations
  5. After this morning's mini heart attack email, I did the usual thing of discouraging myself by looking at past award winners. Does anyone else feel like SSHRC is weighted against their field? For the past two years, there have been 9 awards each year for topics about Latin America and that's including all eligible disciplines. Out of a total 1048, only 18 were related to topics about Latin America or Latin American people. I can't be the only one whose field is so underrepresented, who else is with me.
  6. @BTF So I'm only just now starting the third year of the PhD program here (my first application was submitted in the final year of my MA at a Canadian institution, on the basis that I would hold the award at my current institution). I've got no sole author publications but I am cited as a translator from Spanish to English in a forthcoming Latin American history publication, I have presented at conferences, and I've received only As (4.0) on my PhD transcripts. Regarding publications, I don't actually know of any history student who has published prior to becoming a dissertator; of the two his
  7. Denied third year in a row, 12.1 with no waitlist (I forget which committee but I'm in a History program). I could be feeling bitter but it seems to me there are just some topics that Canadian reviewers don't care about? I reviewed all 1026 awards that started in 2019 (518 CGS-D and 508 Doctoral Fellowships) and there were only 11 on Latin American topics (1% of the total awards given) and of these only one went to a specifically history-oriented project (0.097%). Further, I'm at a US school and only 33 awards total (out of 1,026) went to Canadian students in the US. Am I essentially just SOL
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