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  1. Thank you! My deadline to accept is April 22. My stats were not super competitive imo -- 3.9 GPA, public health related research experience throughout undergrad, involved with a social justice related NGO and two social justice related clubs on campus. I do have a concentration in political science, thinking that strengthened my social science background!
  2. Around 9:20 MST!
  3. Got into UofT MPH Health Promo! Very shocked but excited
  4. Oh I see, thank you!
  5. Sorry to hear did your status on the SGS portal change at all?
  6. Just when I'd finally been able to calm myself down thinking decisions for U of T won't be coming soon🧍‍♀️ i'm so nervous oh god good luck everyone the end is near (hopefully)
  7. Wow sounds amazing! I'm also in my fourth year of undergrad, where are you completing yours (if you dont mind sharing)? Also congrats on your LSHTM acceptance and good luck with UofT and Mac!!!
  8. Did you apply for the MSc Public Health at LSHTM? I am considering applying there too -- do you mind sharing your stats?
  9. I can't imagine not being in this forum I would've gone INSANE 🥴 🥴 🥴
  10. No way??? Do you know why/to what extent?
  11. Some people in the 2019 MPH Canada forum received an offer of admission from UofT Health Promo before the end of March... fingers crossed, but at this point I just wanna know their decision so I can make my decision 😣
  12. Congratulations!!!! Seems U of T is sending out Epi and OEH offers before Health Promo
  13. Thank you guys. Yes, I also applied to UofA and UofT -- I have thankfully already received an offer of admission from UofA, so that's a bit of a relief!
  14. Yep they sent an email
  15. Just received rejection letter from UBC
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