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  1. I just received a waitlist decision from Austin. This is both scary and exciting, don't know if I should be happy or sad Applied to CP as main and IR as secondary
  2. Well, I have some bad news. I have contacted Northwestern pol sci before the application deadline and they told me that it will be an extremely competitive year for admissions since they will accept 1-2% of the applications instead of the regular 10%. So I suppose we all got rejected if they did not decide to admit more people.
  3. Somone claims to be interviewed by Madison, has anyone heard anything? or spam?
  4. Hey everyone. I have scored 157 on verbal (I am an international student, never studied in the US before), 165 on quant sections of GRE. I am considering not to send my scores to the schools that made it optional as my scores seem to be quite average (slightly lower on verbal and higher on quant according to the information given in respective programs' websites). What do you think? Should ı send them?
  5. PROFILE: Type of Undergrad Institution: Top university in my country that is very well connected to US (all professors have their PhDs from top 50 departments in the US) Major(s)/Minor(s): Political Science Undergrad GPA: 3.1 (I think thisis the weakest part of my application. The reason is that I only studied for courses I liked and worked part-time throughout my undergrad. My professors told me it is not a major issue and they will touch upon that in their LORs and the grades in my university tend to be lower than the US averages) Masters GPA: 3.8 GRE: Haven't tak
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