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  1. Hi Pav! Just want to let you know that you aren't alone in applying to one school. I only applied to McGill... and seeing as it's so competitive I'm already planning on applying again next year if I don't get in. Of course, I'm hoping for the best... but also accepting that if I don't get in, I'll try again next year and apply to more schools. Best of luck to you though and it sounds like you've got some great experiences under your belt!
  2. Just thought I'd chime in with my stats as well! I got my Bachelor of Arts from McGill with a double major in international development studies and Hispanic studies (Spanish language focus). Definitely not the "usual background" for someone going into S-LP, but here we are. I graduated with a 3.67 CGPA. Not sure what my SGPA is, because I only applied to McGill. I was going to apply to other schools as well but couldn't get all the pre-reqs done in time. If I don't get accepted to McGill, I'll probably apply to a few other schools next year. I have been working for an aphasia organizatio
  3. When I attended an info session for Western the other day someone asked. They said you can also include related work experience (so, paid experiences).
  4. Hey! Can I ask what experience you had in the field prior to applying and any information you're willing to share about your academic background? My ideal situation would be getting accepted to McGill, but unfortunately I don't think I have the specific rigorous academic/professional qualifications they look for nor the extremely high gpa I've seen in other accepted applicants
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