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  1. Would you mind sharing what your stats / aspects of your application were? Either here or in PM
  2. People in results section saying Stanford BMI has no funding and only accepts students have secured external funding - is this true?
  3. It'd be great if everyone could briefly describe how their interviews went at each of the schools. Just general vibes, if you liked them, etc.
  4. Just to let the UPenn GCB people know - official offer letter is out (at least for me).
  5. Thank you! Same as others - email from PI who said I would receive official letter next week.
  6. If you have extensive research experience, a good GRE, and anything else that makes you stand out then you may not need to do a masters. If that isn't the case then yes I would recommend either doing a masters or you can do any type of post-bac research. In my opinion, post-bac research or job is better since you will get paid and develop experience instead of going into debt paying off your masters. Also depends on what your definition of a "good school" is. Many schools that aren't considered "top" have excellent PI's that are at the top of the field. I think it's best to first find PI
  7. Hard to say what the avg gpa is amongst us. Applications are reviewed holistically, so if you have other things that can offset a poor gpa then you may still be considered. But know things are very competitive and a lot of students have both great gpa’s as well as a lot of experience. Completing a masters before applying to PhD may be helpful if you feel like you lack research experience and/or are not ready to dive into a 4-6 year program. Although the largest downside is that masters programs can be expensive whereas phd programs are typically funded (or easier to get funding).
  8. From Yale I only heard from them on the 17th as an invite to their recruitment weekend, never heard from any individual professors. I think you should definitely be hopeful! As long as you got an invite to the recruitment weekend you are in as good of standing as anyone else who did and who knows it might even be better to get to speak to a professor individually.
  9. I am curious if the same number of interview invites are being sent out as past years, or if they increased the number due to interviews being virtual and therefore cheaper.
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