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  1. Just got the rejection email from Mt Sinai.
  2. Has anyone heard from Stanford Microbiology and Immunology?
  3. I ~think~ it is pretty high for most programs. As my PI told me "As long as they don't have to bail you out over your interview weekend, you're in." 😂 I definitely wouldn't go in too over confident though and it also probably depends on if you have a good research fit with the program. If the people there see that your interests don't mesh, or if you're being too arrogant then you may get rejected. That's an educated guess though, I don't know the exact numbers.
  4. omg just got an invite from Rockefeller! So excited!
  5. Glad to know i’m not the only one eagerly waiting...😪
  6. I completely agree with this! You will gain a lot of experience and it definitely helps your CV/admission chances.
  7. I’ve had to contact coordinators because the schools that have offered me interviews want the same weekends, and most have been very understanding. Yes it isn’t ideal, but they don’t necessarily know the other schools dates either, so if you want to do multiple interviews it’s a juggling act. I believe it also really has to do with how you word the email, and just be very nice and grateful.
  8. I heard from UW microbiology on 12/20 for an interview invite but I didn’t apply to UC berkeley
  9. Maybe more people applied? who knows... admissions to me is black magic and no one has any idea as to what they're looking for and who they like
  10. Just received an interview invite for the Microbiology and Immunology specialization of the Integrated Program in Cellular Molecular and Biomedical Studies at Columbia! Interview dates are Jan 28-29 and Feb 18-19.
  11. I also applied to Harvard Virology, no word yet.
  12. That's entirely possible, from the email I got it seems like this is normal for Caltech.
  13. I got an interview for Caltech Biology yesterday! I was not expecting that...but I have been running on the philosophy "if you don't apply you can't get in." However it is odd, they do a 15min interview next week and then if they like you a more formal interview in January.
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