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  1. Thanks @Quiteña! I want to do all of the interviews before deciding, but there have been some schools that post-interview I don't believe are as of good of a fit for me compared to others.
  2. For people with multiple acceptances, is it appropriate to let schools know you're not accepting their offer before you have decided on the school you want to go to? Either way I was planning on letting schools know at least a month before April 15, but I know there are a lot of students who would like these spots sooner rather than later. Also, for schools that you haven't got an interview or rejection from, but no longer would want to attend due to other offers, is it better to wait for them to reject you or to withdraw your application? tysm
  3. I honestly have decided to fly out to nyc to look at Rockefeller and Columbia, and am close to Caltech, so I already saw it. I don’t think I could personally make the decision without seeing the school. However I will say that during the interviews I have definitely gotten “vibes” and feelings that have certainly helped me decide between my choices. (well i’m not decided yet, but in the weeding out process) I also have felt it’s good to have 1 on 1 zoom meetings with grad students in the labs you’re interested in, that has definitely solidified my thoughts.
  4. I know that Mt Sinai has one, UCLA and USC have them both two. Ucla would be physiological science most likely and USC has a variety. That’s off the top of my head, there are invariably more.
  5. Nope, I applied to IMP in mid-Nov. Maybe I'm on a waiting list, who knows.
  6. I haven't heard anything nor have they watched my personal video on Youtube, whatever that means.
  7. Yes, Liz Ayala sent me a non-complete one ago about a week ago but I think it was only because I had an overlapping time and she wanted to tell me about it. She also said, "I hope to send schedules out either late Jan 26 or early Jan 27 in a.m." Hope that helps! "See" you there :)
  8. I received this: We have received an exceptionally large number of outstanding applications this year and as such are forced to make the hard decision of who to invite for an interview. We have now made most of our selections for our first round of interviews. Unfortunately, your application was not chosen for an interview. However, we are keeping your application active. This indicates that your candidacy is still of interest to us and we are keeping it on hold for the time being. In the meantime, please feel free to update us on your progress in your application to PhD programs other
  9. Waitlisted for interview for the PiBS program at Boston University, but not holding my breath
  10. Has anyone heard from Stanford Microbiology and Immunology?
  11. I ~think~ it is pretty high for most programs. As my PI told me "As long as they don't have to bail you out over your interview weekend, you're in." 😂 I definitely wouldn't go in too over confident though and it also probably depends on if you have a good research fit with the program. If the people there see that your interests don't mesh, or if you're being too arrogant then you may get rejected. That's an educated guess though, I don't know the exact numbers.
  12. omg just got an invite from Rockefeller! So excited!
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