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  1. Hi friends. Has anyone heard back from University of Iowa for PhD in CBH?
  2. Hi all. Got accepted to MS in HSR Policy and administration at Uni of Minnesota instead of PhD. Is it worth it going there and then apply for phd? Also, what if one accepts the offer intially and then declines it later. Asking because I will be more clearer about my financial status by July. But have to accept the MS program by April.Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi. Congratulations on acceptance to the BU program. Curious to know if it's funded.
  4. Hi... congratulations on acceptance to Tulane. BU DrPH or PhD?
  5. Thank you. That's helpful to know
  6. So, did they send you an email regarding finding? Or held any meeting with you in that regard.? Also, how much do they pay usually?
  7. Hi friends. I got accepted to CUNY phd in Community health and health policy. I am international student. Would really appreciate insights about the school and program. Though I did my research before applying, but it's always good to know from the domestic students or those who have been associated with the School. Would like to know about their funding mechanism as well.
  8. Hi folks. Has anyone heard from cuny chhp?
  9. Hey. Was it for DrPH program as well?
  10. Hi everyone. Congratulations to all those accepted to the programs. Has anyone heard back from CUNY PHD in CHHP and University of Iowa CBH?
  11. Hi. Has anyone heard from CUNY CHHP Program yet?
  12. Thank you. these are difficult times
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