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  1. It was one week ago, and the POI did not say whether all invites are out. Since I haven't got official email from USC yet, USC could still be deciding who to invite.
  2. I received email from my POI at USC that I was invited to the interview, but I also haven't heard anything official from USC psych department.
  3. Anyone heard fron U of Virginia social psychology? It seems the interview is Jan 29th, but I haven't got anything from UVA.
  4. Just wondering if anyone received formal interview invites for Univ of Michigan social psych? I see in Results section that many rejection emails are being sent out over days. Since I haven't heard any news from Michigan after submission, I am a bit unsure what to expect.
  5. Yale's interview dates are Jan 25/26. I did a prelim interview at Yale last week but never heard back. Since time is near, I think I'm probably rejected. I applied to NYU, but never heard anything from them. The Results page says all invites have gone out though ☹️
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