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  1. Thank you so much! This was super helpful - I know it is such a personal decision, but it is really nice to hear what other people consider. Being near my partner is definitely important, considering how stressful grad school can be at times! Congrats on your acceptance and good luck with everything
  2. Hi all! I wanted to ask if anyone is planning to move away from their spouse/partner for their PhD? I am getting married this summer, and my fiance has a great career. However, he can only move to a select few cities where his company has an established office. We have discussed doing distance if I get into one of my top choice programs and he is unable to move. For anyone moving - do you plan to stay in the location for the duration of your PhD, or would you try to relocate for the dissertation phase? To me, 2 years seems hard, but doable, during the coursework phase. But 4-5 years seems
  3. Hi! I heard back last week from the Chronic Disease Epi department. I had an interview last week, and then 3 scheduled throughout this week!
  4. I received an email Monday night about scheduling an interview with a few professors for later this week/next week! This was for Chronic Disease Epi.
  5. Hi! Has anyone heard anything from Yale's PhD in Chronic Disease Epi? It looks like from years past interviews have been released around this time!
  6. Hi! I applied to UIC PhD in Epi - I recieved an email from the department in December saying that I have been recommended for admission to the department, and the recommendation has been forwarded to the Office of Admission for final review. They said Admissions would reach out if they needed anything further. I didn't have any interview with faculty at UIC. But I also haven't heard anything further from Admissions and my portal says "Additional Review Required" as well, so I am getting a bit nervous. Hoping that it isn't necessarily a bad sign for us!! I can't speak to the other departments,
  7. Hi! I received an invitation to interview at the open house this past Tuesday for Brown Epi!
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