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  1. My understanding is that the mock counselling session is a video you send separately from the group interview.
  2. The deadline to accept an offer for admission at UBC is April 15th. Potentially a very long wait for some applicants. Although I would hope that most people would accept/decline sooner than the deadline!
  3. Congratulations!! I’m starting in July! What about you? Feel free to message me. It would be awesome to connect before the program starts.
  4. Thank you!! Ahhh I’m not sure. I’m going for the thesis based route and there is a professor at ubc whose research interests are more closely aligned with mine so it’s likely I will accept the offer.
  5. I just received an offer from UBC! Ahhhh! Good luck everyone and hoping you hear back soon too
  6. I am going crazy constantly refreshing my email/checking my application status. I really hope we hear back soon. Good luck
  7. I'm pretty sure SFU hasn't sent out interview invites yet, and UBC hasn't sent out offers. My understanding is both universities typically do so in mid-March so we should expect to hear back soon.
  8. I know in previous years shortlisted applicants were notified about interviews around this time. Buuuut if I recall correctly they mentioned at the info session that this year we should expect to hear back around mid-March. Good luck!!
  9. UBC and SFU applicants: Have you noticed any updates to your applications? It's driving me nuts that it has been almost 3 months since the UBC deadline and it looks like they have yet to even check any of my documents. I know that we shouldn't expect to hear back until next month, but I keep hoping to see even the slightest change/update whenever I login to check the status of my application. 🙃
  10. As a UBC applicant... this is great news! Where did you hear that?
  11. I applied to MA! Hopefully we don’t have to wait toooo much longer.
  12. Based on previous years they typically reach out for interviews around mid-February early March. I panic every time I get an email haha.
  13. Hey everyone! I haven't seen many posts about SFU or UBC in this thread. Did anyone else apply? I'm anxiously refreshing my application portal every day... even though I know there likely won't be any updates until mid-March at the earliest 😚
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