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  1. Congrats on sending in your UT app! Getting that first one in is a big accomplishment. I will similarly be drowning myself in gravy tomorrow, definitely looking forward to being too full to even think about apps for an evening. Best of luck to you as well!
  2. Anyone else in the final revision stages of the sample and growing increasingly convinced that everything you've written is unsalvageable garbage? Life is pain.
  3. Hello! From what I've read, this does seem to be the general practice. If the admissions committee isn't excited about your writing sample, they aren't going to take the time to look at your other materials. Essentially, committees choose "finalists" based on writing samples, and then look at the other materials like SoP and Letters of Rec to whittle down their decisions.
  4. I was speaking to the fact that you're berating a current student for not calling out a professor who doesn't even teach in their program anymore. That's what I get for engaging with you, though. Shame on me for even responding, nothing to see here folks.
  5. I have to say your style of trolling is disturbingly dedicated. It's actually difficult to tell whether or not you're ignorant to the fact that the article you cited was written 10 years ago based on how convincingly media-illiterate you portray yourself to be. Regardless of how accurately you present yourself on this forum, I'm sending you wishes to get well, as no healthy individual behaves like this in their spare time.
  6. I'm at the point where I'm revising the poems in my writing sample and oscillating daily between thinking my sample is strong or thinking it's the worst poetry ever written. Haven't started my SoP yet, but I'm not really stressed about that part this time around. I figure I'd rather spend extra time on my sample making sure it's stellar as can be as opposed to spending that time adding bells and whistles to my statement which probably won't be as consequential in the end. Phew. Rant over. How are your apps coming along?
  7. Hello, just wanted to let you know that the person you just replied to is a well-known troll around here. Their M.O. is to obnoxiously offer "harsh truths" about the MFA world to folks, most likely to compensate for their own failure to garner writing success. Best not to engage with them unless you're bored.
  8. I'm aiming for about the same. My only issue is wanting to work on my writing sample for as long as possible up until the deadline. Sure would love to be able to submit early then forget about this whole thing until March tho.
  9. 2022 lets gooooooo! I kind of hate myself for already starting to think about app season daily this early in the year, but I'm a glutton for punishment. This will be my third year of apps after several unfunded/partially funded offers and fully-funded waitlist appearances. My list of places to apply to has only grown more exclusive. Bring on the pain, MFA Gods.
  10. I'm expecting the real chaos to start today because I imagine a good amount of people who haven't made their choices yet will do so before tomorrow as a courtesy to the schools and waitlists of the schools they will be declining. As a fellow waitlister, I feel like vulnerable game in an open field that could be struck with an e-mail deciding my fate at any second. Stay strong everyone, we're in the final stretch.
  11. Fingers crossed, friend.
  12. Being on the waitlist for a dream program is a special kind of pain #justmondaythoughts
  14. Yeah, I definitely assumed whoever posted that was mad about being rejected and decided to throw a tantrum. Unless said person is reading this and cares to enlighten us on this new "direction" lol.
  15. I see UVA sent out some rejections this week last year. Hoping they come through this week and get it over with.
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