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  1. its the MAS in spatial analysis for public health!
  2. the feeling when you get rejected from Waterloo but get into Johns Hopkins...
  3. wtf... they literally told me they can't even open my application to review it before im officially conferred in June. (even though they have all of my grades and letters saying that I will be graduating in legit 3 weeks)
  4. Hey, for people who applied to LSHTM distance learning, how long did it take to hear back? Website says within 5 DAY - this must be a mistake...
  5. Okay so whose biting the bullet and calling Michelle today
  6. I mean I honestly don't love that they call it "another round" because we all know that "round" will consist of 3 or 4 acceptances It kinda reminds me of opening a big bag of chips only to realize that its 3/4 air
  7. I think this is because everyone that has accepted (25) are likely still hearing back from other programs. For instance, many Mac applicants also likely applied to UofT and some likely haven't heard back yet. Once all offers have gone out (likely may-june), then people might start changing their minds as they hear from other programs. So a Mac students might decide instead to go to UofT if they get accepted in the coming weeks, leaving a space open at Mac, so another round of offers will go out to cover those that have left
  8. I'm glad! Like I said, I have a unique and atypical experience with UofT. I'm happy to hear that the undergrad science reputation doesn't follow into the MPH programs.
  9. Alright folks lets get ready for a Monday filled with decisions
  10. Honestly, its only a couple years of your life! Personally, as an extrovert and someone who thrives on other people's positive energy (as silly as that sounds), I think that I would have a really hard time. BUT - that's just me. Many people know that the environment/culture has a 'reputation' and just decide to not give a crap cause elitism is stupid. Just because I don't think that I would have a good time doesn't mean that I think others won't
  11. Oh! There s definitely nothing "wrong" with the culture. It really just depends on the kind of person you are. And, like I said, Grew up around it so my perception is going to be completely different than yours. That said, in MY PERSONAL experience, I'm a very outgoing person and a total extrovert. The parts of UofT culture that I have been exposed to give off kind of an elitist vibe. UofT is super competitive to get in (mostly for grad school) but all the undergrads (that I've been exposed to) seem to think that they are super special and better than everyone else for going to UofT
  12. I LOVE TO SEE IT (im just nervous cause in last year's forum people were waiting until like June - why should we trust them this year?) Like she told me "in the next week" two weeks ago
  13. I know that today was supposed to be a deadline for the first-rounders for a few program....I thought today would be louder
  14. I'm not sure I'm the best person to ask - most of the Dalla Lana folks I know are professors lol. Objectively, it will be easier to find jobs in Toronto because Toronto has all the jobs. However, this means that competition is very high - finding a job in Toronto is HARD. There are also multiple institutions in the city (more students) to compete with. Big city = many jobs = lots of competition. So, it's a double edged sword. MPHs are professional programs and are typically very employable. Right now, because of circumstance, it would be easier to get a job moving to a small community th
  15. As someone who legit grew up on that campus....can confirm....I live right next to it, one of the greatest universities, and decided to go to Mac instead - I wound't go back and change anything. Absolutely no shade to anyone who got in! It's an incredibly amazing program and is super competitive, congratulations!!! I have a specific perspective because the first 18 years of my life were surrounded by UofT lol.
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