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  1. The MPA-DP was not a conditional admission which was great. I was a humanities major and took zero quant courses during undergrad. However, I did develop some quantitative experience through my subsequent emplyoment. — (on a side note, during the video essay, I got the question “what class are you most looking forward to taking” and in addition to my specific policy area, I also discussed my excitement for further developing my quantitative experience at sipa, understanding that is a real need and weak point in my application)
  2. Received my decision today for the MPA and got a conditional Admission (with completion of some quant courses). So I received my MPA-DP decision way early (before christmas) and the MPA decision just now. Well— the MPA-DP was my first choice anyway so
  3. I haven't heard back from the MPA results either
  4. submitted all my documents for both on time for early action, so either they have not released all decisions for early action, or its dependent on the program; or maybe diff. times for waitlisting/rejection/acceptance etc.?
  5. @housing.edthis news (and reading through that thread) has simultaneously increased my hope and anxiety. Oh well. I guess time for the three month waiting game. I am just happy with this acceptance (it is my first option after all!) @anxiousafI applied early action to both the MPA-DP and the standard MPA. But I’ve only heard back form the MPA-DP — so maybe it is dependent as well on the program? Which one did you apply to?
  6. The welcome letter says that all scholarships (funding?) will be included in the admissions letter. Was this the case for you guys accepted with funding? (Since my admission letter only stated I will hear about the cost of attendance and other details "in a few weeks" instead of a direct statement concerning funding availability in March).
  7. Just heard back as well!! (And thanks to this thread! Seeing housing.ed's post made me check my email). I got ACCEPTED!! Into their MPA-DP program. So happy and joyful right now. They said that I will hear about financial information "in a few weeks." I also applied to the MPA but have not heard back on that one yet. Good luck everyone!
  8. Not from my job or anything like that, but I'm definitely planning to apply for scholarships and other forms of financial aid. Will that have a role in my admission chances?
  9. Hi everyone! Trying this out and I would greatly appreciate yall’s feedback. I am still looking at possible programs for Fall 2022 but i’ve also got some in mind. I am currently working in the Presidential Communications Office of the Philippines. I am aiming for an MPA or MPP to further my experience and learning with the objective of building a career in the public/nonprofit sector and particularly in development and social policy. Considering applying to: Columbia SIPA (MPA), NYU Wagner (MPA-PNP), HKS (MPP), GWU MPP, Sciences Po Undergrad Institution: The New School (Li
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