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  1. Generally in my collage we have 3 statistics and 3 calculus courses for an Econ major. An introductory course, an intermediate course and an advanced course. They're all pre-requisites and you have to take them in order as they build upon the previous course. My question is, my grades for the intermediate courses are poor, C and D+ respectively, while the advanced courses they're much better A and A- respectively, mostly because I've pulled my butt and worked harder. While this affects my GPA, do Econ grad schools look at overall GPA? Or do they just look at the hardest courses you've taken? Common sense would tell that if you can master the later courses then you probably know the material that builds upon it, and they should be ignored. However do grad schools take that into consideration? Thanks in advance.
  2. I just checked their website. They say you can cancel your score but they don't mention if you can see your score before canceling it. Can anyone confirm this? If this is true, is there anyway to send your latest GRE score to an institution only? http://www.ets.org/g...sed_general/faq
  3. And I was wondering you can cancel your scores completely. If I retake the test, does the institution see both takes or do they see the best or latest score? I'am considering taking the test in September as their 50% discount means that its not such a huge loss since it's non-refundable. Thanks.
  4. I've just started doing the same thing. The only advice that I can give is try and solve them alone without any guides at first. Even if it takes a long while. Then compare the method you solved to the one explained in the guide.
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    The dude who would study is pretty awesome though.
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