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  1. Congrats Johnny Stormcloud!! It's funny how this works out - after I didn't hear from Buffalo and everyone else had, someone on here told me that there was a 99.9% of being rejected. Well... I wasn't! Congrats again, so proud of you!
  2. Tell him I said congrats, and I look forward to meeting him in the fall!
  3. Just declined SUNY Albany. Also took my name of the MA wait list at Boulder.
  4. I am fairly certain I am going to attend the MA program at Buffalo. It is by far my top choice out of the choices I have available. No funding definitely sucks, but I am VERY lucky to be in a fortunate position where I can pay for the MA (I had money saved for undergrad, but ended up not having to pay for undergrad). I feel confident enough that the MA at Buffalo will lead to a funded PhD somewhere, perhaps because it is the perfect program for my research interests. Hope that helps!
  5. Cicada, I don't not really have much experience with either program (besides being accepted to MAPH as well), but my gut instinct is that UVA is probably the better choice. I think the program at UVA is probably much smaller, and thus would allow more access to faculty. I have heard from one or two former MAPH students who said that they felt like they had to fight to get attention from faculty. This issue becomes important when it comes time to get LORs. While Chicago's English program is obviously a TOP program, I think UVA's MA would probably have a higher ranking than UChicago's MAP
  6. Yes, I think he and I have talked actually. I am very excited for UBuffalo. It was one of my top choice programs. Good luck with your wait lists, I am hoping you hear good news soon!
  7. I am visiting a school soon, and if all goes well, as I assume it will, I will be declining Albany's offer.
  8. Congrats! I was told no funding for M.A. This is where I looked to see tuition, which was the same as a sheet they included in the acceptance packet: http://studentaccounts.buffalo.edu/tuition/spring.php Hope this helps!
  9. An annual Buffalo Chicken Wing festival? I am so there! I am going to visit soon, and as I have said before, am almost certain that I will attend. I am coming from Boston/Cambridge, but I am actually looking forward to leaving a major city. I have ALWAYS wanted to see Niagra Falls. Anyways, Ryanweb, could I PM you with a few questions re: areas to live in/avoid, etc.? Thanks, I am very excited for this program!!
  10. I am on the East Coast (Mass.) and received a wait list notification last Monday. If you don't get something soon, I'd call them. Although, I applied to the MA, not the PhD, so things may be different there. Hope this helps! And good luck!
  11. Is anyone going to visit Buffalo? I am certain I am going to attend, and wondering if it is worth a trip. There is no official visitation or anything like that, but they said that visits can be arranged. It would be on my own expense, but I would kind of like to meet some people there and just see the school. Does anyone have any advice on this? Thanks.
  12. The e-mail rejection was me. I have not yet received an official rejection, but was told they were sent out yesterday via USPS.
  13. So I broke down and e-mailed them AGAIN today... hoping I get a reply soon.
  14. I am really hoping you get in off the wait list! I have been accepted and am waiting on one more school to notify me of their decision. If I am not going to go to Albany I will notify them ASAP. Again, good luck! I hope this comes through for you.
  15. I am still waiting to hear as well. Nothing in the mail today. When I e-mailed last Monday, I was told that they would know by this upcoming Friday. I am wondering if I should e-mail again or just wait it out. If I were accepted to this program I would choose it over my other current acceptance. Ahhh! Hope you hear good news soon!
  16. Thanks! I do too! The only thing is that it would probably be my most expensive option... but I guess I'll think about that if we get there. Congrats on your acceptance!!

  17. Congrats! Haha, I think it is funny that my letter traveled half way across the country before yours went across town. Gotta love the USPS. Interesting about the funding - the wait list letter says financial support is "unlikely." So I wonder if those admitted from the wait list would not get that one semester TA ship? Congrats again!
  18. Thanks! Although, there have been a few MA acceptances and I did not get one yet, so I am wondering if I was rejected. Hmm. I hope not. I am pretty sure I'd choose Buffalo's MA over my other option at this point. Here's to hoping!
  19. I was told today in response to an e-mail inquiry that I "should hear something soon." So yeah... I am assuming I am rejected. While Miami U seems like a GREAT program, it does not heart so much since I now have other offers. Good luck to everyone, and congrats to those who were admitted!
  20. I am fairly certain that they send out notices by snail mail; that is how my wait list notification arrived. In case this information helps those who may receive wait list notifications, I was told today that the wait list is not ranked. Instead it is "more of a pool," whatever that means. Hope you all hear good news soon!
  21. That is really odd. I still have not heard from them, so I e-mailed to ask. Hopefully I get a reply soon. I am glad to hear that you have other options!
  22. Yes, I am surprised too. However unfounded, I am hoping that perhaps receiving a letter so quickly means I might be high on the waitlist? Maybe? ...There's probably no correlation. But here's to hoping! Thanks! And I hope you hear good news soon! And Lyoness, congrats on all your acceptances!
  23. Haha - be wary of mailmen! I work in a mailroom at my school, and it is true that mailmen go crazy because the mail NEVER ends. Anyways... THANKS so much for that hope. Honestly, I feel so honored to be on the waitlist even. This time last week I was certain I wouldn't be accepted anywhere (I even secured a verbal promise of a job at a McDonalds). Now I have one PhD offer and a wait ist position to a GREAT program!! I am so hopeful that this works out.
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