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  1. Grad school apps are like the most dysfunctional rollercoaster ride of a relationship you can have. I think what really sucks is seeing other people you know get into grad school while you're not. It makes you wonder if you're really that much more stupid than them or less motivated or just picked the wrong thing to get into. I know you can't compare yourself to others like that, but it's hard not to, especially when they're your peers. I think that has really set into me and made me feel that much more of a failure and I'm scared everyone will look at me like I'm stupid or ridiculous in t
  2. I think it's probably 99% that I'll be going back home this summer. Which considering my situation (my home is in Hawaii) really isn't that bad, I'm sure many people wouldn't complain, but of course to me, it feels like a failure. But if I go home, I'll just try to find any sort of job to start paying off loans and saving up for reapplying. Hopefully volunteer at the university to get more research experience. I am applying to paying RA positions but that's probably just as competitive and I'll most likley get rejected there too. There's no hope left for me, I've kind of accepted that al
  3. Got a response from one of my inquiries, saying that 4 offers were made and 2 people have already accepted but 2 are still pending. My POI said to keep him posted about my plans and interest to the program. Does that essentially mean I'm wait-listed? Should I just tell him that they're one of my top choices and I would accept if granted admission? You think that would help at all, or at least put me higher on the alternate list?
  4. I would just be happy to be admitted. The only reason that this first choice person didn't decide to accept was probably because they got a better offer elsewhere, meaning they're probably an amazing applicant with scores and experience that I couldn't compete with, so no, I wouldn't be bitter. If they decide to accept me, despite not being top choice, they know they're going to be working with me a long time which means they can't hate me...It would give me the chance to grow on them, and I'm sure it will turn out fine in the end. I can't imagine a POI being bitter towards you because you'
  5. I keep hoping that I'll hear back at least before March 1. But reality is I probably won't and then I'll begin the torturous month of March still not knowing. Even if I am rejected by all my schools, if I could at least have March to not be stressing about this, I would be okay with the rejections, at least it would be done with and I could move on with my life...
  6. I did this before. I just emailed and asked about what research they're doing currently and what they think they may be working on in the future and if they can recommend any reading that is relevant to their research. Just anything about their research I think would be safe to message them about. It shows interest and hopefully reminds them about you.
  7. It's really sort of depressing to think that attaining the "dream" is not possible. As watson said, there just aren't as many openings for the amount of applicants they are getting and every year that goes by I feel it will just get worse, which is why having to reapply numerous times just seems to be digging yourself in a bigger grave. Gah! It's like by the time you get to spot where you can compete with those "superstar" applicants, there won't be any more opportunities or the competition will just keep raising the bar before you can reach it. I have to keep some hope...at least to try
  8. Thanks for the post watson! So general question about applying to labs...I'm noticing a lot are asking for letters of reference. Do they want you to send the letter directly to them? Wouldn't that mean you're asking your letter writers to hand the letter to you? Is it just a matter of having it sealed? Or can they email/send them in separately? Does it work similar to grad apps? I know I could email and ask specifically what they want, but I figured I would ask here first in case any of you have experience. Also, some say, references, so would that just mean their name and contact,
  9. Seriously...I feel like everyday is a waiting game...checking emails...contemplating my life choices every time I hear nothing. It's exhausting...like a life crisis EVERYDAY. At least Feb is almost over, less than 2 weeks...I feel happy but sad at the same time. Haven't heard any good news yet and having the month almost over makes it seem less likely for good results.
  10. Okay I need some advice on what class to take my last term of school (ah!). I'm set to graduate already so this would just be a psych elective. Now...I'm interested in taking this cross-cultural development class (but it does not pertain to my ultimate research interests in grad school). However, while I do know the shows not over, I'm bracing myself for full-on rejections from my apps to grad schools this year, so I'm planning to apply again next year. The dilemma here is keeping my LORs. I'm debating taking an I/O class to keep in contact with this professor so that by the time school e
  11. There seems to be so much mixed feelings about getting a masters. I'm debating it myself, besides the scarce funding and the limited options, I'm also wondering if it's worth it. I mean, since there are less options, the professors at these schools will not always have similar research interests, right? So if that's the case, how do you apply to these schools? I'm assuming they're looking for fit, as well, especially if they fund you, but are they more lenient about it? Like for example, if your research interests only align upon a way broader scope, otherwise, I'm not totally interested
  12. Omg I love this...exactly how I feel. Stealing this...XD
  13. Can anyone who got invites for UNLV experimental - cognitive PM me their POI? Thanks.
  14. I feel like being rejected from all my schools is a very real possibility. Does anyone know what they'll do if they don't get into any school? I don't really have a backup plan as of yet, most likely I'll move back home, but that leaves me very little opportunities to continue on with research. Anyone have ideas on what they're doing if they can't get an RA position or something related to psych research? I'm not a clinical app so I wouldn't need any more clinical experience...I'll probably just have to get whatever job I can to pay off loans and then reapply next year. What do adcoms th
  15. Since there isn't a psychology specific rejection thread, I thought it might be nice to have one. Well...rejection is never nice. Just a place to vent or seek comfort from others who are in the same position. So far I've got one unofficial rejection, three have already sent invites out (one of which I had a really "great" phone interview with, so said my POI, but was told I unfortunately wasn't one of their invites). I guess there is still "hope" for all of us until those official ones roll in or March/April comes. Despite that I feel the hopelessness depression coming on and figured I
  16. I'll be there presenting a poster...most likely.
  17. Experimental, so I guess that's not totally bad news lol. My POI was telling me how interviews would be this week or the next week. If they don't contact me by monday, I guess I'll inquire. Good luck on your interview!
  18. Anyone heard from University of Arkansas? I had a phone call with POI two days ago, was supposed to hear about official invites around now...but still no word...D:
  19. So being a transfer student just switching to the Psych major it doesn't give me much time to gain research experience. Which in turn doesn't give me many opportunities to get good LORs. I'll still being applying for graduate schools next year but I want to be prepared for the worst. If you don't get in anywhere, what do you do then? I hear people say just wait til next year to apply and get research experience in that time. But how does that work? I don't get how you can do research projects with professors if you're not in school anymore. Do universities allow you to participate in
  20. How is the application process as an international student? I've read somewhere that it may be harder to get funding? Also, I'm planning to go into a PhD in a psychology department so that's why I figure it would only work if the faculty are in that department or cross appointed. I know there is a lot of music cognition research going on in musicology and theory concentrations in the music department, but I'm not going for those degrees. I've got about 16 schools on my list, so I'm hoping at least one of them will be into my research ideas lol. I still haven't really put any Canada sc
  21. Thank you so much for all the wonderful responses! I added a few of these to my lists of schools to apply to. I've found a bunch that have at least one professor that researches some aspect of music cognition and I think that is just going to be my best bet. I didn't see any faculty in Columbia or UT Austin that had interests involving music. How is McGill? I know Canada has so much more opportunities in music cognition, but I guess I'm a little intimidated because it would mean me having international status. Do you think that it is more beneficial to show my extreme interest and
  22. I know this is a really specific topic and from what I've seen there aren't many professors that focus mainly on this. This is a huge passion of mine, I cannot see myself studying anything but this (at least not passionately). I come from a music background and getting my BS in psychology. I'm wondering if it's foolish to put all my hopes into getting a PhD program that will allow me to study this or a program that has a faculty that studies this. What I'm seeing is that most music cognition has foundation in music theory fields not psychology and if someone in the psychology field is stud
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