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  1. No interview does not always equal rejection, but I do think there usually is some line of communication (phone, email, skype, etc) between you and POI before an acceptance. Though, this assumes it's a mentor-ship based program, I haven't applied to programs that weren't, so I have no idea how it works otherwise.
  2. Thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it. I've decided to not stress myself over these things anymore and take a more optimistic look. I've done all this work applying for these schools and obviously I chose them for good reasons, so I'm going take everything into consideration instead of quickly judging what I want or not. So I've decided to go to the interview, because I don't know everything about that school and what it has to offer and it would be foolish of me to not see what great opportunities are there. After all is said and done, then I can stress about actually making the f
  3. Wine gummies o_O I've never heard of those, but I am intrigued now! I love junk food while studying, especially late night study. I love japaleno cheetos, redvines, ginger ale, reeses peanut butter cups, oreos and more. Not all together of course...it mostly depends on what I'm craving that day. I guess I usually resort to junk foods on nights where I know I have to study a lot because I justify it by saying "oh well, I won't have time to cook anything..." hahaha, horrible.
  4. I guess I'm scared of saying no to anyone because while I do have an offer from my top choice, everything is not finalized yet and closing off opportunities feels a little premature right now. I suppose I could just say I have a conflict and request a Skype interview instead? Does that seem reasonable while not completely saying "I'm not interested"?
  5. I got mine through email. I haven't gotten one through post mail yet.
  6. I think it varies everywhere. One of my programs said to expect it within the next 4 weeks. Another place I got in the next week.
  7. I have to bump this thread because now I'm in this situation myself, hah. I'm 99.9% sure of where I want to go (and got an offer from them) but I have been invited to another program's interview day. I want to go, if not just for fun and networking. But I feel sort of guilty that I may be taking a spot away from someone who may be more interested in the program. I guess my question now is, is it still okay to go to an interview day already sort of knowing you don't want to go there. Especially because they're reimbursing. But I also don't want to tell them no I'm not interested, because
  8. I want to quit my job and find some paid internship somewhere far away. I want like some sort of an adventure before grad school starts, but I still need to make money. That's probably what everyone wants, so I doubt I'll find it. Maybe I'll just work in some temp jobs and save up to do something fun the month before it all starts.
  9. That's good advice. I will definitely look into asking some graduate students their opinions. I have asked one of them, but I think having more opinions will paint a clearer picture.
  10. I think it's totally acceptable to ask about funding. I would probably ask whoever sent you the offer, when funding decisions are made and what type of funding is available.
  11. I seem to be encountering a few schools that don't "promise" support for all your years of study. Instead you apply for TA/RA assistantships each year. These schools always say it's rare for any student to not have funding, so it's not something you should be too worried about. I guess the prospect of not having guaranteed support is a little scary, but they are schools I am strongly considering. I'm wondering if anyone is attending a program that has that sort of system? I mean is it possible I'll be stuck TA-ing for all my 4-5 years of study...because that would suck. I'll dig more into
  12. They should understand. I also couldn't attend one of my interviews, so I had a Skype interview. They ended up still accepting me. Not saying this is what always happens, but I think generally they are pretty understanding, especially if you have a legitimate excuse (which, it sounds like you do).
  13. Last year I was rejected all the way around. This year, I have two official offers and yesterday found out another school wants an interview. Amazing what a year can do. It's so validating. It's worth it people, if you really want something, keep trying! Miracles can happen! Dreams do come true! Hahaha, cheesy, I know. The first round of rejections suck, but in a way I'm grateful for it. I made better choices this year in terms of schools and research goals and it's made me appreciate my acceptances that much more.
  14. Just explain your situation and request a skype or phone interview. I had to turn down an in-person interview invite because they weren't going to cover most of the cost and I couldn't afford it. I then had a skype interview and still ended up getting accepted there. While of course, it is always best to attend if you can, don't stress out too much if you can't. Especially in your situation, it will be understandable.
  15. Does anyone just wish it were summer already? That's how I feel.
  16. Yay!! This post makes me smile too.
  17. Do you think you could request a phone/skype interview? That way you have a chance to talk to them but won't have to sacrifice the expense? Otherwise it seems like you've made your decision. If you feel like you just need that closure or an extra sense of security in your decision, I'd ask for that phone interview option, because that would give you some closure/assurance that you're making the right decision.
  18. If it's financially not an issue for you, or you could possibly get a phone/skype interview, I would still take it. Unless you are absolutely positive you don't want to go there. But, I would assume there's something that attracted you to it, since you applied. You never know what they have to offer, that you may learn of in the interview, and if anything it's always nice to have that possible back up. Perhaps they may offer a better funding package, or there's something they're researching that you never knew about because you haven't talked as much with PI extensively? While, I still th
  19. Hehe sounds good! If you have some good suggestions for backpack/messenger bags, send them my way...I won't be shopping for mine until maybe summer, but I'm still debating on what I should get.
  20. Before school starts I'm going to buy myself a new backpack or messenger bag is make me feel all grad chic, hahaha (plus I've been using the same backpack all throughout undergrad). A school hoodie/jacket sounds like a nice idea too. I already got my macbook air for myself as a undergrad graduate present to myself (and so I could feel better about going through round 2 of applications on a nice new mac--again, I had the same mac all through undergrad). I think I might get a new desk too...
  21. A nice way to indirectly ask about funding is "do you know how successful the students in your program obtain funding for all their years of study?" or "do you know of any fellowships/scholarships that the students in the program are often successful in obtaining?" It gets around the whole "how much are you paying me?" vibe of a question, lol.
  22. Since you got notice about your admission, you can definitely ask him about funding options. More info should be included in your official letter, but feel free to ask your POI any questions you might have about it. I'm not sure how this school works, so maybe he won't have much information on funding, but it still doesn't hurt to ask. I've asked my POIs about funding, and they've been very helpful in giving me a better idea of what to expect, but I still have to wait for official letters for everything to be 100% clear.
  23. Yes, it is very possible. The people with offers probably have numerous offers, and therefore will have to reject possibly many schools and that opens up spots for others. So don't lose hope yet!! Especially if your POI says he's hopeful, that's a good sign.
  24. I understand fellowships and other external things can change a person's funding and there are sometimes "pay scales" they use, especially with seniority and qualifications. The context I'm thinking it from is because I'm already a resident of the state, of this University, meaning I'll already qualify for in-state tuition. And being that they know I'm from here, I guess I'm just wondering if they'll be thinking "oh they don't need as much money because it's not like they're moving from far away and they are already settled here." Maybe that's a crazy thing to be thinking. But I do recogni
  25. I kind of like the idea of negotiating funding offers when you have more than one school wanting you, however I am also scared by it. I feel like if I were to mention something that like my POI might be offended or think I'm being greedy. I mean, it's not like I NEED the extra money, but it would definitely make life a lot more comfortable. I just don't want to come across as greedy and ungrateful or anything like that. Or my worse fear is that they'd be like "What, you want more money, well, then just go to the other school, pffft". Hahaha, not that they'd really say that, but I mean, th
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