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  1. Holy cow. Got my second acceptance!! This feels surreal. Miracles happen, guys...

    1. kaister


      thank you!!! :D i have to agree, my dog is pretty handsome :P

    2. Quigley


      Congrats! And yes, great looking dog.

    3. jmbrown88


      i know how you feel,congrats to you!

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  2. Just to tag along on this topic... I'm curious as to whether it's ethical for two students in the same program (and let's say same lab as well) to have differing stipend amounts? Even if the funds are coming from a PI's grant, are they allowed to decide who gets how much? Are they allowed to do that? I would assume if it comes from a departmental fund it is usually a set amount (though I may be wrong), but if it comes from a grant, does that PI have the authority to assign amount? Is there ever a situation where one student should get more of a stipend than the other (besides the possibili
  3. I work as a skills trainer right now. I dont know about working during the summer through public schools but maybe through an agency? Its a good alternative since I dont have a teaching cert. Dont know if youd consider that as relaxing though lol.
  4. I am a second year applicant as well. I was only waitlisted at one school last year and rejected all around. This year so far I have one interview and one unofficial acceptance. The acceptance is at my top choice as well. I've made connections with the POIs I've gotten interview/acceptance from, and I think that really made the difference. They knew me at a more personal level and that along with my improved experience through this gap year, I think is what got me to where I am. And luck. A lot of luck. I applied to 9 programs.
  5. Not entirely sure, but I think they don't do in-person interviews or interview weekends. Just via email or phone. Which would make sense, considering how much it'd cost to fly people out to Hawaii, haha. I do know the psych department is meeting on Feb 6 to make decisions, not sure if that includes clinical, but some information nonetheless.
  6. Whoever just posted the acceptance to uh manoa social psych, PM me!! Would love to chat with a potential future colleague!
  7. I think it's entirely appropriate to ask "when can I expect to hear back?"
  8. Yay congrats lypiphera! I didn't have a formal interview or anything either, but I've already met my POI, and actually been working with her a little already, so that probably explains why she didn't need to "interview" me. I'm still wary of feeling secure with this admission as nothing has come through from the graduate office yet, but I'm still very excited and relieved!! I'm sending positive thoughts to all who are still waiting on news!!!
  9. I just got an email from a POI stating they'll be recommending me to be admitted as their student and that the department has to approve it but it's usually just a formality. Is it safe to say I'm accepted?? I'm so scared of being excited (probably in shock...) that I don't wanna jinx anything...*screams on the inside!!*
  10. Ugh I know...it's just a ticket there would cost me around $1000 and they're only promising around 100-200 bucks reimbursement...I still haven't decided what I will do.
  11. Does anyone know how badly it affects your chances if you cant attend the interview? I mean they say it doesnt, but i dont entirely believe that.
  12. I would just get a part time job or a "temporary" job (by which I mean those who won't mind the turnover, such as retail or office clerk) and just wait it out until you hear back. Once you know what your future plans will be, it's easier to make big decisions like moving away from home, etc. I feel like it'd be a waste of effort to move and secure a full time job if you may possibly just be moving off again in August/Sept in the case you get accepted.
  13. Well how much is a reasonable amount to spend? Like my ticket would be about 1k... They did say not attending wouldn't affect decisions. I guess I'll decide when I hear back officially if I'm invited or not.
  14. Is it rude to ask if they are going to cover the interview travel expenses? Like flight/hotel? A POI asked me if I would be able to make a certain date but hasn't offered the official invite yet. For me, it would be doable, but only if the costs were reimbursed. Is that an okay response? Or is it typically assumed they will cover it?
  15. Can the person who got the U of Arkansas (experimental) interview PM me as well?
  16. I got rejected from UCLA social program too. Wah. Oh wells, kinda knew that one was a long shot.
  17. I kind of feel like since it's January...shiznit could get real. It's slowly starting to hit me that if I don't start hearing stuff within the next few weeks, my spirits would really go down. I know technically I could hear things in February, but January seems like the month (at least in my discipline) that all the serious offers start going out. At least interview wise or getting to the next stage of the application process. So I'm excited that it may be coming soon but scared every day that I don't hear anything...........SIGH.
  18. This is great! It may have been like a pre-interview? Sometimes POIs like to just chat before hand to get a sense of who you are and what you are interested in. Seems like it went well since she invited you to come visit. I'd prepare for that visit to maybe include a more formal interview. Congrats!!
  19. I feel like this year my statement is a lot more focused and the area I am going into seems like there's more potential than last year (tweaked it a little bit). I was only waitlisted at one school last year. I haven't heard anything this year so far. I am optimistic about the place I was waitlisted at because they do seem to like me and the POI didn't take in a new person last year (they were just override in terms of funding). I am volunteering in a lab that I also applied to and this has given me an invaluable relationship with the POI and she has said numerous times that she wants me in he
  20. I think this would depend on what you're more interested in researching. Education, musical characteristics/theory or cognition/perception. You can eventually interlude these in your research but you'll need to decide what discipline you're most truly interested in.
  21. I have interests in music cognition as well. I would advise taking a few basic psychology classes if you haven't already. Particularly a research methods class if you're able to, because it will give you a taste of how psychological research works. A lot of the music cognition work is happening in the cognitive area of psychology and some neuroscience angles as well. I don't know that I'd recommend a masters degree online because you want to use that time to network and do research in labs, to build up your experience. I would get a masters in general experimental psychology or if there are an
  22. I had a professor chat with me and then proceed to dance crazily next to me. Mind you, this was a professor I JUST met and it was at a concert (at the conference). Probably one of the most hilarious things that's happened to me.
  23. I would just talk with graduate students in general about how they like working in the lab and the mentorship relationship they have with the PI. Generally you want to know how the lab members interact with each other, if it's a friendly environment, and from there I think you can insinuate if there's any tension. Talk to more than one lab member. I wouldn't be too worried about looks. I'm more concerned with the implications of good looking groups, such as "clique-y" behavior. Correlating cliques and good looks is very presumptuous, but it's something that comes to mind when scoping out
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