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  1. My two boys keep me sane and happy through all the stress of application season.
  2. lol i love this thread. but then, i just like food. my stress eating involves chips and any type of baked dessert. pretty much carbs. my "make myself feel better" dinner is always japanese hot pot (nabe).
  3. Many psychology Ph.D. applicants go through more than one round of applications. Competition is stiff, if you're only now realizing it, you'd better adjust quickly or move onto something else. If you really want something you'll keep striving for it. Entitlement won't get you there. I know rejection stings and it makes you feel like a failure, but just know you're not the only one who goes through this, most of us (especially here on grad cafe) struggle with this daily and we're all in that journey to make it to grad school. Good luck, I hope you figure out what you want.
  4. Why not just go? Like you said, there are many things you don't know about the school and even if you end up not wanting to go there, at least you'll know for sure and you may even learn something about the school or what you want in a school. Especially since they paid for the flight. Unless there's some conflict like another interview at a higher choice school, then I'd say go. I'm in a somewhat similar situation and I still decided to go anyway.
  5. I would change in the airport after getting off the plane.
  6. I'm debating whether to wear boots under pants or flats. The flats just look so much nicer and my student host said I could change into my flats (from boots) when we got to campus if I wanted, but I'm just not sure if it's worth the hassle or not, especially if we'll be going in and out a lot, and you can never tell when the itinerary may change.
  7. I think you first have to decide which program you're more interested in pursuing. I haven't done that much research in social work area, but it was my impression that a MSW is more flexible and desirable in terms of job hunting. Again, I think you should decide that first.
  8. Depends on what you plan to do with it. I got the Kindle Fire because I wanted a tablet too but didn't want to spend the money on an ipad. It's a good size and I love reading on it. Reading and games are mostly what I do with it. I don't think it would help your productivity much more because it can't replace a laptop. I mean I guess you could stretch it if you have the Windows tablet. I think they'd be handy if you take the train or bus a lot, and you have a lot of down time or you travel a lot in general.
  9. Psychgirl1, I felt the exact same way last year. It was either Valentines day or the day after that I remember I completely broke down. I just started crying, feeling miserable about myself and my life and that I was worthless. I think it was the combination of Valentines Day, receiving my first few rejections in the mail, and at that time I was working on a publication and I had just gotten back a review and the revision suggestions made me feel so inadequate. It's like it all came together at that moment that, I was fooling myself if I could think I would get into a Ph.D. program, and I
  10. kaister

    Honolulu, HI

    I'm going to have to agree the Makiki/Moiliili area is going to your best bet closest to UH. Groceries are pretty high here, I would say maybe 200-300/month for groceries, but I like to cook a lot, so if you were to budget you could probably cut it down a little more. I would say look at things before you sign any long term leases. Sometimes things aren't always what they seem, or at least ask whoever you're talking with to take a lot of pictures. If you need any advice on areas, I'd be happy to let you know about it. Just be aware a lot of the apartments are pretty old here and have not
  11. Usually you are able to find finding for however many years it takes you to complete your degree. Definitely ask the program how successful their students are in obtaining funding for extra years. However, most schools will have some sort of guideline for finishing your degree, for example, they might say you should have it done at latest your 7th year, etc. But usually if you need an extra year most programs are usually accommodating and you can find a tuition waiver through a TA or RA ship. Again, ask them this. You could even ask the current grad students.
  12. I had heard social had their interviews this past week for Tufts. Not sure about other areas.
  13. I would look and see if the programs you've applied to have sent out invites or admissions yet. It'll give you a clearer picture to how their timeline works. Some schools just happen to be slow and don't really start things up until now and so that may be why you haven't heard from some yet. You can always inquire...it doesn't hurt and sometimes you do get answers or at least an idea of where you application may stand.
  14. I think it really depends on the location/cost of living. I've seen some as low as 10K and some higher around 25K. Mine are averaging at around 17-20K. I'm in social/experimental.
  15. That seems unsavory. I would tell her that you're excited about the possibility of working with her and she's one of your top choice (I'm assuming this is true?) but that you are still waiting to hear back from other schools. If she still isn't having it, then 1) I'd consider if I even want to work with someone who wants to rush a decision upon you and 2) you could always just accept it and then withdraw it later if you happen to get a better offer (obviously this is not ideal). As long as it's not a funding offer that you're accepting, I don't think it's binding in any way. I would defini
  16. What foundation are you talking about? If you were getting a fellowship that covered tuition and a stipend, I doubt they would give you an RA-ship on top of that...that would just be double. Some fellowships do add on in combination with funding packages the school offers, but usually the amounts are lower. I'm not sure because I don't know what external funding you're talking about, but you could always ask your school. If you still need the TA/RA positions to get tuition waivers and stipend, I'm sure it would be okay. If the external funding covered that, then maybe not.
  17. Is your research tied to that lab? Could you somehow continue your research on your own, but work in another PI's lab to get the tuition waiver, etc. Since this is your advisor, I would think having a sit down talk with him. I guess I'm not clear what connections the lab have to your work. If they're completely related and tied to that lab, then I would see a problem. However, if you can carry on with your research while working in another lab, that may possibly work. But most importantly I think you need to talk to your PI and ask him what your options are and in general about your futu
  18. Thanks all the for the advice and insight. It's definitely not some emotional attachment. I love my parents and enjoy spending time with them, but would do perfectly fine if I had to move away. If cost of living weren't so high here, I would probably think about getting my own place, but it just doesn't make financial sense. I do plan to pitch in with living expenses like grocery bills, internet bill, and doing errands for them, so it's not like I'm freeloading. It's a situation where we're all mutually happy about the situation, which is great. I'm sure spending a lot of my time at scho
  19. Well, when you put it like that, it sounds much better. Thanks!
  20. I am in a second round of applications now. I applied to different schools and changed my focus of research a bit. I don't think going to your Alma Mater is necessarily a bad thing. It really depends on your research fit with that school. Could you see yourself happy doing research there? If you can't see yourself happy there, then I would reapply elsewhere. I strengthened my application by getting more experience in a different lab. That gave me more exposure to new professors and research and I think it helped a lot having a recommendation from my new lab. I also retook my GRE, impro
  21. I got my letter with the standard funding package as well, but was nominated for a fellowship. They said I probably won't hear news about the fellowship decisions until March, so until then I just have to wait. You could try ask when to expect to hear about the fellowship, I think usually the results come before April 15, so you'll have time to decide.
  22. Is this totally lame? The school where I think I may attend is in my hometown (I got extremely lucky and the fit is amazing at that school) and consequently I will most likely live with my parents. The rent and cost of living is pretty high here, also I would ideally like to pay some of my student loans (from undergrad) down, so financially it's the smartest thing to do. Thankfully I have a wonderful relationship with my parents, they're like my best friends, so I really have no issue with this at all, plus I get to enjoy time with our two dogs again. Just wondering if anyone else is in th
  23. Question for the ladies...what do you wear for shoes? I mean in cold weather places? I'm from a more tropical climate, and even when I've gone to conferences, they've been in warmer weather places. So what do you wear when it's like 30 degrees? I would think flats are too cold, no? I've been thinking maybe boots under my pants might work? Or am I just naive to how people deal with cold weather. Maybe you're used to it, if you're from somewhere like that...lol enlighten me.
  24. I am sort of in a similar situation. Have an offer from my top choice already, but still been invited to other interviews. I've decided to keep an open mind for now and just attend the interviews (especially if they are reimbursed) and once I've finished all the visits, then I can be at peace and make my final decision.
  25. Ugh I kind of wished I only got into 1 school now because of that. Don't get me wrong though, I'm incredibly grateful for my acceptances, but it's true it makes it harder to decide and be satisfied.
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