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  1. Playing Hard-to-Get (by accident!)

    Thanks everyone - and like I said, it was completely unintentional and I am NOT saying anyone else will have the same experience. It just so happened that they liked me, and maybe got back to me sooner than they would have because I was going to be unavailable during "interview season". I DID go backpacking for 6 months, so none of that was ever made up - the start of my trip was just pushed back after I had already submitted my applications. Phew I feel like even after explaining that a zillion times, people will still misunderstand and think there was some kind of hijinks-ery involved...
  2. What does it mean?

    Thanks guys it's so nice to have this forum, at least others know what you're going through! It was totally weird, and personally I would have preferred an email, because then I can sob in private lol. As it was I was sort of in a hurry to hang up once he said it - not that I was rude or anything, but I didn't have the emotional capacity at the time to try to make him feel better about the fact that he was rejecting me. Anyway, he did sound like he felt bad. I really like the guy, but he was right - it wasn't the right fit for either of us, in terms of research or work habits. But rejection still stings.
  3. What does it mean?

    Thanks everyone. He actually just called and I was rejected, but he wanted to say they liked my app, but there was someone else who was a better fit. Guess it was nice of him to call.
  4. What does it mean?

    I already had a Skype interview in Jan, followed by an in person interview in Feb. So I'm assuming this is the call to reject/accept/waitlist me. I'm just freaking out a little, the waiting is the worst part! :|
  5. What does it mean?

    I interviewed at a school (they flew me out and everything) then heard nothing for weeks. So I emailed my POI to basically ask if all decisions have been made. POI didnt respond for a week, then emailed me yesterday to say sorry for the delay, and will call me tomorrow. ?? Should I get my hopes up? It's so late in the game I'm thinking I'm just waitlisted at best... Wouldn't they have contacted me sooner?
  6. Claremont Graduate University

    no, I dont know if it's just for the first year - I just noticed that the letter said it was for 2013-14 and didnt mention future support. You should call your POI and ask, they're usually happy to answer those questions. And Claremont has great research going on, so by all means accept if you're happy with the package.
  7. My POI's colleague doesn't like me?

    Also, for the record, I emailed a little with a POI, and then he stopped responding to me - until he called me for an interview 3 months later. He invited me to interview weekend, I spent large parts of the day with him - and he still doesn't respond to emails. So who knows.
  8. My POI's colleague doesn't like me?

    Or maybe it's more like POI A realized you were clicking with POI B, and wanted to back off - since he needs to find a good match as much as you do, and otherwise they'd have to fight over you. And since POI B doesn't have any students yet, it's likely he'd get first pick. As for the grad student - he's probably just busy. Or your email went to his spam box or something. I'm sure POI A and the grad student aren't sitting around talking about how much they dislike you, if that's what you're worried about I mean, unless you said something off-the-wall offensive, which I'll bet you didn't.
  9. Claremont Graduate University

    I got accepted there, and have been getting weird vibes too. They offered me 75% tuition remission only, only garuanted for the first year.. No living stipend or anything. When I chatted to my POI, I asked about all the other types of funding that might be possible - RA, TA, external jobs etc. He said most students take out loans, and a limited few have teaching positions at nearby community colleges - but basically you're on your own. He said if he got an outside grant he would "definitely consider" putting me on it, but then it would depend ont he department, etc. The other option is to become a TA at CGU - but this is only something you can do after your first year there - because you can only TA for graduate courses, so you have to have taken the class, etc. Oh, and on the call he said I am the first of about 4 students "ever" to be offered as much at 75% - usually it is 25-50%. I was thinking, great, that still doesn't mean anything if I'm going to be in debt up to my eyeballs when I graduate. And it's only for the first year! What happens next year! Yeah, no thanks Really, really disappointed - really like my POI and his work. Unfortunately, everywhere else offers better funding.
  10. So now what?

    [Note: found this unpublished and unfinished draft of a blog entry I wrote early last year. Thought I'd publish it anyway.] Like several of you, I've heard back from most of the schools I applied to (actually, all but1). I've had two in-person interviews (both followed Skype interviews), one just over-the-phone interview, and two acceptances (weirdly, not following interviews at all). General impressions: In-person interviews are the only way to go. I know SO much more about those schools, the city I would potentially live in, the faculty, grad students, and general climate of the program than I would have otherwise. In both cases they were game changers - I went in with set opinions that were totally blown out of the water. I literally don't know what to do with the two outright acceptances (without interviews) I did get. How am I supposed to make a decision based on the few pieces of paper they sent me? I'm planning to request visits. In-person interviews are exhausting. Much more so than you think they'll be. I'm pretty sure I stopped forming coherent sentences about three-quarters of the way through. But it's okay, I think they expect this, and hopefully don't judge too harshly when you forget important pieces of information - like your name, where you're from, or who your POI is. And trust me, you get asked that a lot. Similar-seeming schools and departments can be wildly different.
  11. Playing Hard-to-Get (by accident!)

    Oh wow lol.. Not sure how I feel about that.
  12. Playing Hard-to-Get (by accident!)

    I'm definitely not saying it will help you get an interview, and I agree some schools might object to the idea of having to get a hold of you sooner. I'm just saying, in my case, it meant that the schools who are interested in me made a point not to delay in getting back to me. Which is nice, since we all know how much the waiting game sucks. Like I said, I'm not really advocating this (and actually it would be manipulative if one did it intentionally) - I'm just stating what my experience happened to be . The little joke about playing hard to get was more editorial license than anything. I guess my main point was that if you do have a need, like being contacted by a certain method, it's okay to state that. I think sometimes we're too afraid that if we say the wrong thing or do anything other than the yes-sir thing we'll automatically be thrown out of the pool.
  13. I unintentionally found out how to get schools to respond to your application much sooner. I noted in most of my applications that I would be backpacking and only available by email, and possibly Skype (internet connection permitting), after February. To be fair, at the time I thought this was true. I just ended up pushing my trip back until later because I had some work commitments I didn't want to bail on. And it's not like you can go back and correct your application after you submit it. But as a result, I've had three POI's contact me concerned that I might be out of the country during their standard interview period - and wanting to know if they could interview me sooner! One of them even went so far as to obtain "special permission" from the adcom to interview me early. I actually felt really bad about that, and let her know I was still around and was happy to wait until the official period. So even though I haven't had that interview, at least I know they're interested! Actually, my intention in mentioning that I would be gone was sort of unrelated. I wanted to include something about my travels, without doing the usual irritating equivalent of name-dropping. One of my LOR writers suggested I phrase it like that - as an FYI, rather than a "hey-look-how-cosmopolitan-I-am". I'm definitely not advocating lying about it, but maybe the moral of the story is - it doesn't hurt to be a little hard-to-get?
  14. February Waiting-it-out Blues

    Oh, of course, that's definitely part of my obsession too lol
  15. February Waiting-it-out Blues

    Gabby, I love the idea of cupcakes as a thank-you! I also just love cupcakes . Small, homemade gifts are the best. It kinda says, I appreciate all the time and effort you put in on my behalf, so look, I did some of the same and made this for you! And in my case, some of my letter-writers are doing this for the second time, so it's the least I can do lol. Lynx - Multiple inboxes are the worst (although, secretly I think I like the idea that if I didn't get an email in one, maybe, just maybe, the second inbox will have something! I know, it's a sickness..). And thanks, that's what I have to keep telling myself! Kuchbi - you should try it, it's very therapeutic!