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  1. Well I do! I'm a first year PhD student at Baylor, and yes, we have a Religion and Literature concentration. It's somewhat informal in structure, splitting hours between lit courses and religion courses. I would guess about half of the students coming to Baylor for graduate English come for that program, although not all stay with it. One of my classmates has an MDiv and an ThM, I believe, and many others (myself included) have some theological education in our background. Though Baylor is Baptist, the English department seems to run more "high church," if you will. And as far as faculty who would be attuned to your interests, well, we've got Dr. Greg Garrett: http://www.baylor.edu/english/index.php?id=50147
  2. Finally appear to have been accepted off the waitlist! Huzzah!
  3. I'll add my (still developing) story as a ray of hope. Got my two rejections pretty soon out of the gate, and heard nothing but silence from my third. I eventually broke down and called and was told that if I hadn't received a letter by now, then I could assume I wasn't getting one. Then on Tuesday I received an email asking if I'd be in a position to consider an opening if one came available. I said yes and have been unable to do much but check email for the last three days. I checked in today and was told they are waiting on two people who have been accepted and have not responded--but they put a partially funded offer on the table for me. I'm still waiting to see how it pans out, but think positive for all of us! Also, in the meantime, help me find the focus necessary to write the preface for my MFA thesis!
  4. E-mailed to see if there was any news from Baylor, seems like two applicants are dragging their feet on accepting or rejecting--grrr!--but a partially funded offer was put on the table. Still going to wait it out at this point...
  5. I was contacted today about the possibility of a spot opening up, so just in case, thank you.
  6. Called last week, told acceptance letters went out last month. So I figured that was that. Today found out I may be in some sort of unofficial wait list limbo...
  7. Still waiting on the news from Baylor for the English PhD...I guess it hasn't been too long since you two heard...right? Right??
  8. I didn't really care about the waiting, having had my two rejections pretty early on in the process. One of my recommenders even reminded me, "Rejections come early, be patient." But then my wife got her two acceptances yesterday, one of which is to the same school I'm waiting on (different program), so now the waiting has been scaled up to torture!
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