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  1. Hey Matt! I just had to write my first lit review last semester and it completely stressed me out as well. I get where you're coming from, and it definitely felt rather counter intuitive the entire time I was working on it. But looking back now, it's starting to make a lot more sense. So a lit review is less about analyzing the content and more about methodology. What key questions are the authors' addressing? What types of sources and evidence are they using to support their claims? Are there any key works that everyone seems to keep referencing? Are any of the authors' in dialogue with one another? Are there key questions that are being left out, that people aren't asking? What you're supposed to be doing with a lit review is getting a feel for your field/topic and seeing how people have analyzed it before you. This way you can identify the holes in scholarship, the points that aren't clear, or haven't been talked about. That's where your own work then comes in, as you attempt to fill in those gaps or correct what you perceive to be an incorrect assumption that has been made. Dunno if any of this helped, but best of luck on your thesis! Anna
  2. Hi! I'm most likely attending UVa as well, for Architectural History (switching directions from arch undergrad). Will you be at the open house on Monday 3/26? Anna
  3. Looking at profiles, I have a feeling that a lot of the programs are reaching out to their international applicants first to give them enough time make a decision and prepare for the move. Congrats to those who have received acceptances already. Hopefully there will be more to come soon!
  4. Hey guys! Just curious about the Penn EALC acceptance. Firstly, whoever it was that got accepted, CONGRATS! Secondly, did the contact say anything else about how many other candidates they were considering/accepting/notifying or the like?
  5. Hey bellefast, I met with some professors from Penn in November, but I haven't heard anything yet with regards to admissions. I was browsing the results survey from previous years and it seems that acceptances begin going out at the end of this month/beginning of February. What's your area of study in Japanese?
  6. Hey I'm also interested in where people are applying for Chinese studies. Since my area of interest in in Chinese Art and Architecture, I kinda straddle the Art History and EALC programs in different schools, but my top choice is definitely UPenn EALC. The other programs I applied to are all directly to Art and Architecture departments instead and don't really apply to this post so I won't list them here. Cheers!
  7. gradapp2012, this was not your fault, no need to apologize. I just happened to have all my important contacts in one account and gmail thought it would be funny to give me a heart attack. I'm sure everyone understood what had happened and has moved past it. I guess we just need to be extra careful with our accounts now that there are extra important people on our contact lists haha =D
  8. Omgosh, I did this. Had all my important contacts for universities added to my gmail account. Then over the weekend my account decided to send out a string of spam to everyone. So embarrassing... I had to email every POI back and apologize for god knows what email/virus link was sent out!
  9. yannao

    FLAS application

    I just contacted the coordinator for Penn FLAS and she informed me that all FLAS applications, both for incoming students and those who are currently enrolled, are due March 2, 2012.
  10. yannao

    FLAS application

    Oh gosh... this is really horrible! I was under the impression that it was due March 2 as well... The deadline is in two days and I have no idea what I'm to do about this, since I thought I would have time to notify my professors later.
  11. Since language acquisition is a big part of Art History programs and many programs do not give credit for languages under the 400 level, does anyone have any suggestions as to how best to learn a second, third or even fourth language on their own? What languages did you learn? What programs or strategies did you use? How long did it take? How did it go? How proficient are you with the language now?
  12. Took test on September 10th - scores came out November 6th VERBAL Estimate 750-800 --- Actual: 169 (99%) or 750 QUANT Estimate 750-800 --- Actual: 162 (87%) or 780 AW 5.5 (96%) Does a score of 162 actually mean you got 8 questions wrong? Because it seems crazy that you can get 8 out of 40 questions wrong and still get a 780 or even a 87% What's up that?
  13. Hey guys, Just wondering how many people on this site are applying for PhD Programs in East Asian Art and Architecture. If you are applying, to what area of focus - Chinese, Japanese, Korean? To which school or with what POIs? Has anyone spoken to or met with any professors from any of the programs - how did it go? I've just been curious, because there didn't seem to be much talk about Art History focused in East Asia. Cheers~
  14. yannao


    Hey everyone, I'm really glad I found this forum, this is gonna be my first post ever. I'm currently applying for PhD programs focused in Chinese Art and Architecture History. Does anyone know if this particular field is highly competitive or not? My GPA from an 5-year architecture program is not the most impressive - a 3.3, but I just got my GRE scores, which seem to be alright (169V, 162Q and 5.5AW). I think I have pretty solid letters of recommendation, a decent SOP, and I'm still polishing up my writing sample. The programs I'm applying to are UPenn (Top choice), Princeton, Harvard, UPitt, UVirginia and maybe UChicago, Brown, NYU (MA) or Columbia (MA). Is anyone else applying in this field? Or does anyone have any suggestions? With my background, are the programs I'm looking at out of my reach or attainable? Any comments or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks =D
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