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  1. rejected from waterloo, dated march 20th, on their website
  2. Wow I did not know the diagnostic site existed til now. Thank you guys. (https://grediagnostic.ets.org/) Test Date: 9/6/2011 V: 164 (94%) (Estimate 680-780) - (1st section: 19/20; 2nd section 12/20 -- 9 wrong) Q: 168 (96%) (Estimate 750-800)- (1st section: 19/20; 2nd section 20/20 -- 1 wrong) A: 5.5 (96%) There was a technical glitch and I actually had to write this exam over a duration of 5 hours as the computer kept freezing between questions. I think the drop from 1st to 2nd section (there was also a 3rd experimental V section on top of that) reflects the fact that I was hungry an
  3. I never thought I would pursue distance education, but considering the high living costs and tuition (US schools), it seems like distance education offered in Canada by Lakehead, U Waterloo or U of Saskatchewan, University of Alberta might be real considerable choices. Are any downsides of these distance education programs other than not interacting one on one with professors and classmates, etc? Are they actual shortfalls to these programs? Could anyone comment? Much appreciated!
  4. Wait, I don't need to send it to the schools individually? I thought that was only for other tests? Where does it say this? I've been putting behind putting those activity logs with hours per week entries..
  5. Hi everyone. I'm finishing up my 4th year at McGill. (Double majors in Microbiology & Immunology + International Development Studies) I'm thinking of applications for U Sask, Waterloo, for distance education and U of T and Queen's...focus on Epi I just recently decided distance education might be a better option for me due to cost, so I'm back to doing research on which schools offer it. Anyone applying to the States? I got great GREs but my GPA's not so good, and my understanding is that Canadian schools put little emphasis on GREs or don't even look at them. V 164, Q 168, A 5.
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