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  1. Schools Applying To: MPP (Oxford) and MSc Social Policy (Social Policy and Planning (LSE) Undergraduate institution: Canadian University that isn't UofT, McGill, or UBC Undergraduate GPA: 3.67 (Major: 3.75) Undergraduate Majors: International Relations & Chinese Study Abroad: Yes - three times to various countries GRE: 167 (Q), 165 (V), 5.5 Years Out of Undergrad (if applicable): 0 Years of Relevant Work Experience: Internships; some relevant volunteer experience/work experience Describe Relevant Work Experience: Interned at a Korean NGO, worked for my local Students' Association as Elections Manager; currently work as a Volunteer Coordinator; volunteer for a restorative justice program; volunteer for a democracy promotion society; volunteered as a Coordinator for a sunday school Languages: English (native), Chinese (Advanced), Japanese (Intermediate), Korean, (Intermediate), Urdu (Intermediate), Spanish (Beginner) Quant: Calculus I, Statistics, Economics (Macro and Micro) Strength of SOP: I am currently on my 10th draft of my SOP. As I am only applying to two schools, they need to be STRONG. I am also getting them reviewed by our Writing Center on campus. Strength of LOR (be honest, describe the process, etc): All from former professors (2 Chinese, 1 Japanese). I think the subject areas are going to be the issue here, honestly.
  2. Hello All, I know, everyone hates these threads. but I need to know if it is even worth applying. I have scoured the respective websites, but they have some information (not a whole lot, though). Here are my stats/information: Majors: International Relations & Chinese Studies GPA: 3.67 (big concern is Oxford says 3.7 and/or GRE scores determine academic ability) GRE: 167(Q), 165(V), 5.5 Languages: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Urdu, Spanish Work Experience: I worked extensively throughout my undegrad - after school program leader, Elections Manager for my university's students' association, I am working as a volunteer coordinator now (I also did an internship in Korea for a human rights NGO) (I am applying as a senior) I know for the LSE program, they are looking for a 3.5 GPA, so I think I am OK for that program for academics. However, between the two programs, I am leaning more towards the MPP from Oxford because it is a broader policy program compared to LSE, which only focuses on social policy. Thoughts? PS Recently decided to switch from an MA in East Asian Studies to something in public policy... so I am even more nervous because I have so much less time to get everything lined up and ready.
  3. Hey everyone, I am so nervous about applying, that I thought I might as well start this year's thread! Here are some questions to get us started: (Also, if people have already been through the process, please - advice would be MUCH appreciated!!) 1) What program(s) are you applying to (MA/PhD + field)? 2) Where are you applying OR thinking of applying? What steps do you need to finish or do you have any advice? 3) What are your stats (GPA, GRE), undergrad major(s), ECs, experience in Asia? --- My answers: 1) Looking for an MA in East Asian Studies 2) Thinking about Yale, Stanford, Columbia, Oxford, Cambridge and Toronto; I need to do... everything. Just decided 2 weeks ago I really wanted to go and get a masters after my undergrad. 3) CGPA: 3.58, GRE: (haven't taken it yet), Undergrad: East Asian Languages (Chinese) and International Relations, Experience: studied abroad twice (Korea + China), worked a summer in Korea, some undergrad publications/conferences focused on East Asia Other applicants?
  4. Hey everyone, I am looking for a 1 year MA in East Asian Studies. These are the programs I have found so far: MA in Regional Studies - East Asia at Columbia MA in East Asian Studies at Yale MA in East Asian Studies at Stanford MA in East Asian Studies at the University of Toronto If you know of any others, please lemme know!
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