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Asking a program why you were denied

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Does anyone have a good template/advice on asking a program why you were denied? I've already been accepted somewhere else (thankfully!) but I'm still curious as to why I was denied at this program, because I truly thought I had a shot there. Just wanted to see if anyone has reached out to programs before and any basic tips on crafting an email for this kind of situation!

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13 minutes ago, edardi1 said:

I PM'd you what I wrote last year to an admissions counselor.  Hopefully it helps!  Good luck! :)

Hi, I was hoping you could also PM me what you wrote last year if you wouldn't mind. I've been going back and forth about what to write to a school I was rejected from.

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This is what I wrote in my emails:

"I would like to thank you for taking the time to review my application for admission in the X program for Fall 2018. I was wondering whether you’d be able to provide some insight as to why I was not accepted.  Was there a weakness in my academics, personal statement, GREs that I did not realize? Is there anything you could share regarding what I could have done to be a stronger candidate?  Your feedback would enable me to be a stronger candidate in the future. Thank you in advance. "


Best of luck!

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